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  1. Dynatrac Endurosport lift lead time?

    Give Dynatrac a call with your order# they maybe able to give you an update.
  2. NotaRubicon trail run

    Been out with Randy once, definitely want to go again.
  3. Dynatrac Endurosport lift lead time?

    I ordered mine about 2 months ago. I had it in less than a week. Came from WA. Warehouse, and I live 30min drive from DynaTrac.
  4. UConnect monthly report sent every time you drive your Jeep

    If this is happening to you it is a known issue. Hope that helps someone.
  5. Dynatrac EnduroSport lift review, just buy it...

    Ok, well that make sense as well. I just found it funny they had you go back and forth since they do not supply fronts. Thanks!
  6. Dynatrac EnduroSport lift review, just buy it...

    Ok, I have a question for those that installed their own. I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on this one for my JLU. What does not make sense to me for those of us that have to use a jack and stands, is starting in the front. Since we have to swap out the rear sway bar links, so they go up...
  7. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Got my xm radio antenna relocated for my pending rack install.
  8. California Rear Steel Bumper - JLUR

  9. California SOLD-New Gobi Stealth Rack

    Is this still available?
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    You can paint them your body color as well to look like mine, more stealth!
  11. Sun Visor Fix

    I just had mine done but I had the dealer do it under warranty, so I never saw it.
  12. Sun Visor Fix

    LOL, I agree. when I had my drivers side that had to order it. This time with the pass, they had them instock. So looks like more of them are failing. I am just not sure how they do not fail during assembly and when the dealer does their check in to remove all the shipping elements.
  13. Sun Visor Fix

    Get it, I am stuck at home working so let them pay the bill and charge FCA. Enough of them and they may update the design. Just paying it forward to the next Jeep owners hopefully.
  14. Sun Visor Fix

    Dropped by the dealer this morning and they had 2 passenger visors in stock. Going in Tuesday for warranty replacement.
  15. Sun Visor Fix

    Had the drivers side last year and just had the passenger side yesterday, come on Jeep
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Love my Bolt Hood lock, it was a easy install that was until my son bought me a gift of a metal flag grill and they had not caught up to the hood-lock demand and I had to cut my own hole. But it was a fun project for us. (I would recommend to anyone looking for more security)
  17. Giveaway of the Month - August 2020 -- JL Wrangler HD Drag Link

    Would be a great add to start modifying my JL's front end. Thanks for the opportunity!