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  1. Feedback On List of Mods Appriciated

    just this one other after i dipped the grill. ride is perfect on 33 and stock, zero rubbing, full articulation and smooth with e C rated rubber
  2. 35s on STOCK wheels NO lift

    yes - that’s the bracket - and i think bumper on sport is different, rubicon rear bumper seems like a diff design
  3. Pics of Sport S with 285/70/17 tires on stock wheels?

    not bad - definitely look better, though not dramatically brighter but thinking they’re good enough to leave alone until the dogs come - ordered the sfl yellow diode dynamics fogs, which should be awesome
  4. Pics of Sport S with 285/70/17 tires on stock wheels?

    i bought the lumtronix led for headlight swap, easy and only about 130 bucks...will likely swap when more options come to market
  5. Doorless Mirrors?

    they provide little plastic sticker squares that fully protect the paint, hard to see in pic but it provides a nice thick plastic buffer against body paint
  6. Doorless Mirrors?

    lange coyote setup is nice - love the quick release option, also comes with set screw if you don’t want quick release
  7. Nice: Coyote doorless mirrors and Grabar pegs

    haven’t detected any real vibrations - they are well machined so that the stem has zero play - you’ve sort of got to fight the fit the first time when you wiggle them into the little opening
  8. My JLU Sport on stock Rubi wheels and tires with no lift

    i’m running same size rubi wheels on a sport s - zero issues with gearing. it would like to be around 3.7, but 3.45 is fine with zero impact on stock ride imho
  9. Nice: Coyote doorless mirrors and Grabar pegs

    forgot to add: point of mounting to cowel is that the mount stays put and is resting under cowel to lock in place - means i can quick release mirrors when doors go back on
  10. Nice: Coyote doorless mirrors and Grabar pegs

    awesome, was waiting for these mirrors to go doorless without local cop hassle (north shore boston) these are lang coyote mirrors, very cool and snug fit. you loosen t40s on the cowels and slide block under, swap one bolt, attach mirror - i’m using the quick release but also comes with sunk...
  11. 2018 JL , LED headlights - aftermarket available?

    i just put in the lumtronix h13 led from cjpony, about 130 bucks and they’re awesome, left them stock white at 6500k, so about 3x brightness of stock halogens took like 15 to put both in, super easy
  12. Feedback On List of Mods Appriciated

    it honestly feels like i’m driving stock - acceleration is punchy and handling feels smooth aside from occasional dead center in steering (that’s all jeeps though) haven’t noticed wear issues, though only have 500 miles on them so far - but they look like perfect size for this ride without a...
  13. Feedback On List of Mods Appriciated

    btw, if also scratc that mopar lift! the 33 looks good with NO lift and if you’re not off-roading, then save the 2 grand if you want a similar look, then just buy the well loved rough country 2.5 lift for like 200 bucks and have your local garage throw it on for another 2-300 - and then use the...
  14. Feedback On List of Mods Appriciated

    also have a sport s though in 2 door. it has 3.45 gearing and so the 35 tires are going to cause performance issues without regearing (which is about 2k) my advice: get the 33 ko2 in a C rating - that’s what comes on the rubi. i got the new white lettering version in 285/70/17 and they look and...
  15. removable door step

    i would NOT want to put that much stress on the door latch!
  16. Mopar Satin Black Grill

    i didn’t even bother - wound up derping it for 12 bucks, came out awesome and easily reversible key is good prep, used my wife’s acetone nail polish remover to wipe down before spraying, and did about 7 lighter coats starting with two duster coats looks awesome on a white jeep. did the entire...
  17. Sports rolling on 285s, report your experience

    they new ko2 c rating in 285/70/17 is only 50 pounds! the stock sport s dueler AT is about 47 pounds, so negligible diff...but those nitto ridge, even in c rating, weight about 65 in 285/75/17!
  18. Sports rolling on 285s, report your experience

    i have a sport s - looked at nitto ridge in 285/75/17 with C rating, but they’re crazy heavy. got a set of ko2 285/70/17 in C rating with raised white lettering. they ride just like stock but look way better. the C rating definitely helps, run them around 37 psi. so far, zero issues or concerns...
  19. Any feedback about Redline Lumtronix LED Headlight Bulb H13

    ordered a set and will let you know what i learn whenever they get here