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  1. A year into Jeep ownership and I’ve realized...

    Great OP and replies here! So many positives that relate to having a Jeep. I'm on #7, finally got my JLU Rubi that I always wanted. When I retired, I decided to get it and thanks to my dealership/sales rep I have worked with, they made it possible. Of course, I have to say this was my 4th...
  2. Any regrets with your JLU purchase?

    Cool! I used to live in Bishop, pre-Jeep days, so I might venture that way again. Thx!
  3. Any regrets with your JLU purchase?

    Nice ride!! Well done......... Off the subject, is the cave in the picture in AZ, around Aguila? Looks very familiar..... Thx!!
  4. Any regrets with your JLU purchase?

    Interesting! I had a Wrangler with 3.6 and now have the I4 Turbo in a 2019 JLU. I thought the performance was much better with the I4 and have had no issues. Funny how people come to different conclusions. I love the way it drives and have no regrets. Oh well.......:fist bump:
  5. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    OK, got it. I wondered whether or not it was wise to get the e-Torque feature or wait until 2021 and get the I4 without. I assume your Wrangler does NOT have e-Torque. So far, it has been OK both on- and off-road. We will see. But I definitely love the performance! I'm just glad they have...
  6. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    What do you mean by this? Just curious.
  7. Devices to bypass auto stop/ start

    So you might see numbers saying (or claiming) that ESS saves MPG. But I can't believe you'll see any numbers/facts saying it does not cause extra wear and tear on the starter/battery/components. That's the trade off.
  8. Devices to bypass auto stop/ start

    For me, its the increased wear and tear on the battery and starter. And possibly the entire electrical system from what I understand. Just for the sake of a few MPG, I'll pass.
  9. Devices to bypass auto stop/ start

    Good option! That does the job. Per my prior posts, I put a trailer light tester in the wiring connector on the Jeep and the computer reads it that I am towing. It disables ESS automatically and there is no error message. Works fine so far, so if a vehicle has a hitch/wiring connector it is...
  10. Shock absorber to stiffen rear end

    I have 2019 Rubicon JLU that I pull an 8' trailer with a King Quad ATV. I want to stiffen up the rear end so it will not sag when the trailer is attached. I would like to do it with a performance shock, a single, non-piggy-backed shock, if possible. Cost is a consideration when looking at the...
  11. Street-parked Jeeps: how are you securing your vehicle and aftermarket parts?

    Good to hear.....hope it stays that way!! :fist bump:
  12. Street-parked Jeeps: how are you securing your vehicle and aftermarket parts?

    Sad times we are in when we have to be concerned with securing our vehicles from druggies and others. I guess we just have to do as you mention and take stuff with us. I even put my JLUR spare tire inside the Jeep because they are being stolen more and more. I put a spare tire delete plate on...
  13. My Jeep showed me the love

    Yeah, maybe it will happen! Going back to the OP's post, he would then know all about the heating/cooling functions. No surprises and he could use it from the get-go. Sometimes things happen and you think something is wrong. Not good!! :facepalm: Jeff - enjoy your nice, warm, Jeep!! LOL!
  14. My Jeep showed me the love

    You should be an instructor! I have bought 4 Jeeps from the same Sales Rep and the reason is because he is professional, works FOR me, takes the time to make sure I'm good with the Jeep before I take it home, and, like you, I can call any time to ask questions. No problem!
  15. Just gonna post this to see the comments it gets

    Oh come on, Steve! Picky, picky, picky! LOL!! ;)
  16. Mall-crawler, poser, or enthusiast?

    I think this speaks for alot of Jeep owners. I love Jeeps and need a vehicle to handle the winters we have here in North AZ and to haul my ATV. I don't need alot of modification, especially on the Rubicon. That said, I think many of the modifications people are making are very, very cool! I...
  17. My Jeep showed me the love

    Good points! My Sales Rep went through all of this and I actually disabled it. But I know how to use it if I wanted it. You're right about some Sales Reps.....sign on the line and see ya! LOL!
  18. Just gonna post this to see the comments it gets never know what someone's going to do to a perfectly good Jeep. I guess the next thing is to replace the rear wheels with tank tracks? :-Z $83K would go a long way to customizing a new one. To each his own......
  19. Wrangler in the winter?

    I have a 2019 JLUR with the I4 Turbo. It has heated seats/steering wheel. They work well and, along with the heater, keep it warm and comfortable inside. As far as driving in the rain/snow/ice hear in Northern AZ, it has not been an issue. Just use the right drivetrain options it has and...
  20. Mall-crawler, poser, or enthusiast?

    Well said!! Some others need to follow your example. My 2019 JLUR is my daily driver but I use it to haul my ATV and trailer when we go to the backcountry. The ATV is my "crawler" now. After 7 Jeeps, this one has to last awhile so I don't do any extreme off road or crawling. Plus, I'm not...