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  1. Jeep Introduces 2021 Wrangler Islander Special Edition

    I love mine! I love the rubicon wheels, rock rails and white trim... the premium alpine sound system is also amazing! The LED lights come with it here in Canada also...
  2. Canadian 2021 JLUR Order & Price

    Village in Ajax is good... ask for Robert... Fraser in Oshawa is good ask for Bret Turk... Menzies across the other side of the Highway has a lot of inventory also.. nicest lady there is Jennifer. I buy a lot of cars... been through all of them..
  3. Canadian 2021 JLUR Order & Price

    I mean Durham Region just east of Scarborough. Fraser, Menzies, Village and Pickering Chrysler.
  4. Canadian 2021 JLUR Order & Price

    Maybe consider inventory.... I find that he dealerships in Durham have a lot of stock with varying builds. There are lots of cool places around here the locals could show you that you probably do not know of since your from TO. I got my 2021 from an inventory... took 2 days.
  5. What happens when Sirius XM free trial concludes?

    I enjoy it so I called and made a deal... I have never paid more than about $60 a year for it... the prices on the website are for suckers.
  6. Jeep snobbery - RANT

    Honestly I can afford whatever Jeep I want but chose a 2021 4 door Islander.... which is a rebadged sport unlimited with Rubicon rock rails, some extra badging, upgraded alpine sound system, white accents etc... heated seats/steering and led light package.... for me it’s about being smart with...
  7. First time Jeep owner...

    Go right for the kinetic recovery rope!
  8. how much did you pay for your Jeep?

    Paid $45,579.82 + 1895 freight +10 omvic + 100 A/c tax for a total of $47,584.82 Canadian for 4 door 2021 islander edition. Sticker is 54,880 ... not sure how I pulled it off but a lot of back and forth with the dealer, sales rep, sales manager, Chrysler rep. I walked 2 times... kept answering...
  9. Advice on swapping OEM wheels/tires

    Thanks for all the replies! 17 seems like the winning wheel size... I will search for a set of takeoffs.
  10. Advice on swapping OEM wheels/tires

    Thanks guys the KO2 are in my future I suspect
  11. Advice on swapping OEM wheels/tires

    Hi Everyone, First time caller from Ontario, Canada here lol I bought a wrangler for the first time... been a IT guy forever so cars are not where my smarts are... I love the look of the Rubicon stock wheels/tires however I bought a 2021 Islander edition... with the 17" stock wheels/tires...
  12. 2021 Chief Blue Jeep Wrangler Islander

    I just got one too! Love the white trim inside! So hard to come by!
  13. GMRS antenna mounting

    As a fellow HAM I knew you were a HAM after the first paragraph of your write up. Good advice for all I can confirm this information is spot on. For Jeeping.... short range handy talkies are generally fine. Lots of options of varying legal status are available (depends on your country ...
  14. Hydro Blue VS Chief Blue photos?

    Honestly I love them both... but I think I prefer the Chief blue as its less metallic. Something about it that is just pleasing to the eye and looks great in all light... you also do not see it as much which is another bonus...where Hyrdro Pearl blue is showing up everywhere from the Compass to...
  15. Hydro Blue VS Chief Blue photos?

    I just posted a comparison photo in the Chief Blue fan thread...
  16. CHIEF Blue Wrangler JL Club

    Hi Everyone, First post here... I just picked up a 2021 Islander Edition here in Ontario. Love it! The white trim on the inside is amazing... Here is a pic comparing my Islander Chief Blue to my 2019 Hydro Peal Blue Cherokee Trailhawk.