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  1. Ocean Blue 2 Door JL Rubicon Build

    How do you like the seats? IM thinking about changing mine up to Katskin or PRP
  2. JL Rubicon 2-Door Build

    Really good looking two door!
  3. Build of Envy_Jeep 2018 Rubicon 2 dr

    What are everyones thoughts on a custom paint scheme?
  4. Audio system issue - cutting in and out

    Cold weather today started mine again after no issues all summer. Ive talked to @JeepCares, and the dealer, NO HELP!
  5. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Rough Country 3.25 35-12.5-17 Mud Claw 17" Quadratec '41 - satin black
  6. Lifted 2 door JL Wrangler photos

    35-12.5-17, going to 37 soon
  7. Looking for sun shade.

    Spiderweb Shade all the way :-) easy install and no need to ever remove.
  8. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    My 2018 2 door Rubicon while in the Quake LED booth at Jeep beach jam in PCB
  9. JTops or Spiderweb shade?

    Spiderwebshade ALLDAY! We run them on all of our jeeps. Top customer service and top notch people.
  10. Custom Decal Question

    send me a PM I can set you up with my decal guy. All of mine have been redone purple and black.
  11. Lifted 2 door JL Wrangler photos

    Updated picture of my JL from the Panama City Jeep Beach Jam. Envy was in the Quake LED booth.
  12. Wint's Black JL SPORT S 2-DOOR

    I really like those seat covers. Rough Country has been great to us on the JL
  13. Build of Envy_Jeep 2018 Rubicon 2 dr

    Last weekend we had it at the Jeep Beach Jam in Panama City. It was parked in the Quake LED booth.
  14. Rebel Off Roads JLUR SEMA Build

    I figured with the long laundry list of mods it would have been up there.
  15. Rebel Off Roads JLUR SEMA Build

    That's great, What is the price tag on something like the Command Vehicle? 200K?
  16. Rebel Off Roads JLUR SEMA Build

    Very Nice, I'm hoping to get to see this rig in Daytona.
  17. colors that go with Mojito

    The decals were made by a friend, the badges were ordered from amazon. the rest of the items were painted.
  18. RMojito Build

    Looks really nice man.
  19. RMojito Build

    Going to look awesome