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  1. Gear whine on coasting after regear to 4.88s. Shop is claiming its a "driver comfort issue" and that it's normal. This can't be normal.

    Yep, chevymittchell is correct. Not the gears, not the manufacture, those gears are not installed correctly and that's why they are noisy. It is a install problem. They have to be set up right or they will wine like that. Not being set up correctly they are also probably more likely to break if...
  2. Is anyone worried about that low hanging oil drain plug on the 392?

    Yeah looking at that they should have put the drain on the back of the pan not the bottom sticking down like that.
  3. Supply & Demand has led to a $100K 392

    I guess it is worth what someone will pay for it. For me personally that number is MSRP. I called many and spoke to a few personally before I picked a dealer and placed a order. One dealer told me 1K over invoice but they did not have a allocation, One dealer told me MSRP over the phone and...
  4. 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 first Vin and order, build and delivery tracking list

    Very good point, I almost ordered without but felt they at least gave it some character. To be honest I have only ever folded the windshield on my CJ7. I have never folded the windshield on my JK.
  5. 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 first Vin and order, build and delivery tracking list

    Hydro Blue Pearl Front Camera Sky One Touch Hitch Windshield Bump Stop Central Florida Maybe the 1/2 doors are slowing it down?
  6. 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 first Vin and order, build and delivery tracking list

    Just got updated on mine 737217 D1 estimated ship 5-10
  7. Wrangler 392 Runs 12's In The 1/4 Mile STOCK!!!

    Awesome video thanks for sharing. HP Tuners supports the wrangler 392 so if someone close to you has a Dyno they probably could get rid of the 99 mph limit. Might cost you a couple of dollars. Curious what that thing would run not restricted. That's probably what I will do when I get mine and...
  8. Which do you think was the "best" Wrangler?

    The CJ was what defined Jeep so it has always been the most Jeep of the bunch for me but if we are only talking wranglers It would be the TJ. I just don't like the styling of the YJ. Jeeps need round lights I'm sorry YJ fans is what it is. Chrysler took some of the Jeep out of each progressing...
  9. The day I decided to buy a Jeep

    The day I decided to buy a jeep was a little different It was 2008. Cadillac had a commercial with a good looking woman that asked when you turn your car on does it return the favor. My wife decided she had to have a Cadillac STS so I found her one. I took her Tahoe sold a 4x4x Suburban I was...
  10. 392 Torque Reserve Launch System

    There was another poster that posted a 392 performance features guide that talks about the Torque Reserve on the Rubicon. Anyone tried it yet? How well does it work?
  11. So JLURH? JLH? J392??

    I will refer to mine as just "392" or possibly "Little Blue" since I don't plan to make it bigger than my JK is.
  12. Anyone else getting really weird MPG estimates.

    Interesting if a gallon of gas has the same energy as 33.7KWH and you pay say .09 cents per KWH then that would cost you $3.03 for that energy at 100percent efficiency correct or am I missing something?
  13. Supercharge or 392

    I have a Ripp on my 08, installed a Ripp on a good friends 13, I also have a 392 on order. The superchargers work great for the price point and the 3.6 makes a lot of power with one. We run high altitude pulleys and mine is 13.9 pounds of boost. That being said I don't think you can compare...