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  1. Armorlite JL Floor System

    Hey Kail, love the product and can't wait to order it. Do you have any eta on when you will have a full kit available for the 4xe... Front/Rear/Cargo?
  2. CAI with 4xe

    I've had exhausts on every jeep I've owned so I'm not too worried about the noise. I'm more interested in the fuel economy and freeway performance benefits
  3. CAI with 4xe

    What are the thoughts on adding a cai to the 4xe? Generally speaking I don't put a ton of stock in intakes, but I do think they make more sense with turbos. What I'm not sure about is how it would pair with the hybrid, and if the normal 2.0t intakes would bolt in.
  4. 4XE Mopar Extended Warranty?

    Is that 8/85k after the initial 5/60k? Or is it more of a 3/25k?
  5. Big price increases??

    Steel is a bubble right now... The benchmark Hot Rolled Coil Steel is over 1500 per ton right now. Its being fed by overspeculation driven by low interest rates, and a spike in demand as the economy restarts. Lumber is in a very similar situation. At some point the demand curve will level off...
  6. Big price increases??

    This was just the digital version they emailed me prior to me placing my deposit.
  7. Big price increases??

    So this is the contract I signed with my dealer when I placed a deposit and ordered my jeep. No where does it say they can alter the price, in fact it even states that this represents a fully enforceable contract of sale. The only provisions it lists are Tax/Title and reappraisal of my trade...
  8. $2000 Price Increase For 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

    I would be curious at what point in the transaction the dealer price is established. That reads more like the dealer reserving the right to charge you more because they can, or if you choose not to buy it they can mark it up and put it on their lot.
  9. $2000 Price Increase For 2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

    If they tried to enforce the increase it would instantly nullify the sales agreement that they entered into at the time of order and the dealer would be liable for breach of contract. For example, on my deposit of sold order agreement, along with the purchase price, it specifically states...
  10. Vendors, build a removable rear window!

    I would love a slider, my dog rides in the back in a crate and it would be great to have a window I could slide open a bit to get him some air circulation.
  11. Washington Need a JK front driveshaft takeoff

    If anyone has a take off front driveshaft for a 12-18' jk, or has a line on one, I would be happy to take it off your hands. I'm trading in my JK for a JL and just noticed my front CV joint is spitting grease. Thanks in advance!
  12. New Cooper Rugged Trek

    Very true, living in Washington I have no idea what that's like so it's always the first thing I look at.
  13. New Cooper Rugged Trek

    Sipes to no where, it's not going to handle very well on wet pavement or ice. If the sipes extended all the way to the edges of the lugs it would be better.
  14. May incentives?

    One thing about going through Chrysler Capital is they are not a bank and they make their own rules. If you ever find yourself in financial hardship you will have a much harder time working with them than a bank or credit union.
  15. Crawl Control

    That's friggin sweet! More so than any other jeep I think this one will require a deep read of the owners manual. I wonder how many other cool features there are.
  16. How Can We Help?

    Good to know thank you! From the description of the kit it sounds like the shocks are 2.5" where as the regular fox ipf is only 2.0. I'm hoping these will be available for individual purchase as they would be a nice upgrade.
  17. How much under invoice do you think I can get on a 4XE?

    Excellent! Did you by chance work with Phillip? By the time your rig is built and delivered it will be summer and it would make for a beautiful drive down the coast. Im not familiar with CA incentives but wouldnt you claim the credit when you file your taxes? I always thought those...
  18. How much under invoice do you think I can get on a 4XE?

    Going the factory order route the dealer is basically just facilitating the transaction for you, and the vehicle options shouldnt matter. The key I have found is to go to the higher volume dealers since they get more units allocated to them.
  19. How much under invoice do you think I can get on a 4XE?

    Yes sir... lots of dealers laughed and/or wouldn't even attempt to negotiate with me. At the end of the day I got the deal I was looking for and they didn't get my business.
  20. How much under invoice do you think I can get on a 4XE?

    I got 7% under invoice on my Rubicon 4xe factory order 10 days ago. Its doable you just have to be willing to call around.