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  1. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue

    That may be a good thing... try again and double your tax incentive, frustrating to wait and not have a working vehicle however. I think I’m most scared if I have problems wheelin, those tow bills aren’t reimbursed!
  2. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue

    CO has $2500 on top of 7500 federal
  3. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue

    A tad off topic, but I’m really curious if you declare the vehicle a lemon, do you still get to take the tax credit for buying a phev!? If so, lemon away and I’ll buy another and get another credit or get 10k back and go to a diesel or 392!
  4. Can’t decide - 4xe, V6 or V4

    I have a 4xe that the sticker just hit last night on its way to castle rock. I’m not going to buy it and reordered one because they messed up the leather color I wanted. It was not a budget build, but it will likely be one of the only ones you can find on a lot for a while... sticker was 67k...
  5. Bought a 4xe, love it. Want to pass on what I think is the best (cheapest) way to buy it:

    I just ordered one from Steve too after my first deal went south with another dealer! I wish I would have known his information when I ordered on 3/26 and I could have been even 1800 cheaper than I am!
  6. Talk me down!!

    congrats! Did you get red with saddle also?
  7. Talk me down!!

  8. Talk me down!!

    For those following, I have been confirmed the JLUR 4xe had a $1,8xx.xx price increase... dealer is looking what if anything they can do and pending on if the dealer eats that or not I will either reorder from current dealer or Steve in Linn,MO! Steve’s price including the price hike beats my...
  9. Talk me down!!

    @ITGuy How sure are you of this? Oh man would that elevate my frustration if this happens again in 5 weeks! And what would the color of the seats matter to them???
  10. Talk me down!!

    ugh... I hate being impatient, guess I needed time to process I won’t have the jeep for my June trip where I will been 90 mile drive to Moab. I think at the end of the day I plan to have this jeep until it blows up as it will become a third veh or my sons in 8-10 years. So yep I will be...
  11. Talk me down!!

    No offer from dealer other than they will reorder it, a bit sad but I’m going to price shop Jim butler in line, mo for it. It’s a firecracker red, it will live in a garage (work and home) except for camp trips. I prefer the saddle color and yes heat is part of that preference
  12. Talk me down!!

    There was a change when I ordered it, it was still open to changes but was a scheduled dealer stock model with black leather. At that time they called the RSM to confirm we could change it and I immediately put the deposit down. Every other addition I wanted got added... Now I’m worried about...
  13. Talk me down!!

    I asked what they can do for the change, then I guess I decide. I have the tan/brown leather in my overland summit GC and it looks soooo good, it’s a 2012 and no stains or issues with it in the 8 years I’ve owned it
  14. Talk me down!!

    Someone talk me off the ledge! I ordered 3/26 just got my build sheet today. I looked over it like a 7 year old unwrapping the biggest Christmas present under the tree.... and the leather was changed from saddle to black. Reached out to my dealer and he just apologized and said the factory...
  15. Jeep Releases Mopar 2" Lift Kit For Wrangler 4xe

    Thanks for posting! Now just waiting to hear how people like this lift once installed. I want to put on a lift, but want some reviews first! Too bad they didn’t add in an adjustable track bar
  16. First Jeep Wrangler Colorado

    Glad to see another ‘new’ CO jeeper. When my 4xe is delivered would love to go hit a trail with you! Back to ‘patiently’ waiting for me
  17. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Did I miss it or has anyone taken delivery on a firecracker red 4xe? I’m wondering if that is part of my delay
  18. Patience!!

    I have the overland summit with every bell and whistle available except the hemi. If I could go back I’d get the hemi but that said it still has decent towing capacity and the 3.6 does MUCH better on gas mileage. I love it but with the 4xe on order, she’s for sale 🙃🤣.
  19. Patience!!

    If it makes you feel better I put my order in 3/26.... dealer gave me a VIN 2.5 weeks later but the tracker can’t find it. I’m curious what may cause a delay like that, but I also have a perfectly nice Grand Cherokee that works just fine. If anyone else has insight to how dealerships work and...
  20. 4xe issues

    What dealership did you use? If you don’t mind me asking, what are they charging for the lift? My 4xe is on order with castle rock CDJR but their prices for the mopar lift seemed crazy high wanting 8k for the lift and wheels/tires. I saw the cost of wheels/tires which clocked in just over 4K so...