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  1. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    I think, generally, expedition grade (long term camping) gear is pricey. Ursas are not cheap, but if you get a base model they really arent much more than the RTT comparison. First, you can sell your hard top to offset some of the cost. That leaves you with about 6500 bucks. An Alucab RTT of...
  2. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Ursa Minor Vehicles
  3. Washington 3 piece mopar hard top.

    Sure. It is the factory black hard top, not painted to match the jeep.
  4. STING GRAY Wrangler JL Club

    Checkin in~
  5. Can’t decide - 4xe, V6 or V4

    Like a few others have said - think about what you want to do with the Jeep. If I wanted to run around my local neighborhood (not knockin it, just not my thing) with my Jeep, it would be 4xe for sure. Modest short range off roading, I'd go with 4xe or I4. Long range camping/overland stuff...
  6. Ursa Minor Installed

    Thx. Best part - 24mpg down, 24mpg back. Zero discernable mpg hit.
  7. Ursa Minor Installed

    Ordered last Sept, got to take delivery of my J30 top at Ursa Minor today. Long day of down and back to Portland, but was fun seeing the shop/meeting John and shooting the shit about how he started this company. Looking forward to making a review vid from the perspective of a retired auto...
  8. Washington 3 piece mopar hard top.

    Correct - it is the standard black 3 piece hard top that comes on the Jeep when it is brand new, if you ordered the normal black hard top option. As the Ursa Minor top is a full replacement of the factory top, I have no use for it.
  9. Washington 3 piece mopar hard top.

    3 piece mopar hard top for sale, from my 2020 JLUR. Removed from Jeep and ready to go. Includes storage bag for freedom panels. 9k miles on jeep at time of removal, no issues with the top. Bought an Ursa minor camper top so no longer need the factory top. Western Washington, Snohomish County...
  10. F/S JLU OEM Hard Top - Available now.

    Top removed and in storage, ready to go whenever. Local pickup only.
  11. Are you all using Premium gas ?

    Premium for sure, Chevron preferred.
  12. Radiator leak

    A couple weeks for a radiator? Jeez. This supply chain thing is really a drag.
  13. My cabin filter at 8k miles after one wildfire season.

    Sorry, had to fish it outta the trash can. Clean - but you can see the stain of the other side through it. So, there's zero particulate on the clean side, nothing got "through" but it is darker than the fresh brand new one because of how the stuff was - again "staining" is the best word I can...
  14. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Heh. I like it for different reasons. Easy access and I can hand fill the new one mostly before screwing it back on. Minimal time with loss of oil pressure. :)
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Oil Change #2. I can't get over how much I love changing the oil on the 2.0. The configuration is so simple. Not missing the sideways mounted filter on the 4.0 I6 at all.
  16. F/S JLU OEM Hard Top - Available now.

    Bump - Got the email from Ursa today. My top is in transit from San Diego to Portland, currently in Sacremento. It will arrive early next week, and I'm going to push for an install date of my Ursa next Saturday. This means I need to get a buyer for my hard top lined up. Price is same, 1500 firm...
  17. The search for a replacement has begun!!

    I have a non etorque 2.0 in my 2020 JLUR. Zero issues with it aside from a door handle that had to be replaced under warranty because the chip for the keyless failed. The engine itself: superb. I enjoy how I can nudge it along without a lot of skinny pedal and get great mileage, and getting on...
  18. What made you jump in the Wrangler bandwagon?

    No hyperbole here - I was in a phase where I was riding my motorcycle exclusively by choice. This included Washington winters. Not the smartest. One winter I was really cabin-feverish and I was riding up a winding road to a trailhead where I was gonna hike in to do some shooting. Musta looked...