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  1. 100% Battery Range

    Not if it is plugged in to L2 EVSE. L1 maybe.......but L2 is capable of delivering enough energy so the vehicle doesn't need to draw from the HVB.
  2. 4xe Check Engine Light Issue

    I was out wheeling with my son on a trail yesterday and the check engine light came on. Switched over to Off Road pages on the infotainment screen and checked the gauges. Everything was in normal range. ?? Drove to the end of the train with the light on and when se stopped to air back up, I...
  3. When <1%, it is better to leave in Hybrid or move to eSave to start recharging?

    I think right now ICE is allowed in the city center district but you pay a daily fee which is pretty expensive. Over the next few years the allowances expire and it is zero emission only.
  4. When <1%, it is better to leave in Hybrid or move to eSave to start recharging?

    Agree. E-save is also useful if you live somewhere that requires zero emission driving such as central London and possibly SF in the near future. In the coming years, there could be more restrictions on ICE mobility so being able to save your charge for those neighborhoods could be very useful.
  5. What level 2 home charger are y'all installing for the 4Xe?

    You can set the EVSE to deliver the maximum current it is capable of (provided your circuit is sized appropriately, Correct wire gauge, breaker etc). The charger is in the Jeep. It will only draw as much power as it can handle (providing the EVSE is able to provide). Installing a more...
  6. Cars you would look for if you couldn't get a Wrangler or a Gladiator.

    I was on the reservation list for Rivian RT1 but decided not to wait and get the Wrangler 4xe now. Then drive it for 24-36 months before a viable off road BEV is available. Wrangler, Bronco, whatever.....just as long as it is electric with reasonable capabilities then I am good. :)
  7. We're far from done with production hell

    That seems pretty good. I am not really a Tesla fan but I do admire what they are trying to do. More power to them. I hope they can keep their story going for years to come.
  8. Which level 2 charger to get?

    I presume everyone here knows about the federal incentive for home chargers.......correct? I not, then look up IRS form 8911. Doesn't cover all the costs but helps. In my case it ended up getting me a $700 refund on my tax return this year. Next, check with your utility provider to see if...
  9. We're far from done with production hell

    I believe Tesla delivered just under 500k vehicles in 2020.
  10. When <1%, it is better to leave in Hybrid or move to eSave to start recharging?

    Great observation! Thanks for sharing. That will help me figure out how much holdback Jeep is keeping for Hybrid mode. Nice.
  11. When <1%, it is better to leave in Hybrid or move to eSave to start recharging?

    Using the engine to charge the HVB works fine but usually is much more expensive. How much more depends on your electricity rate at home.
  12. 4xe Coolant leak and MPG

    I am taking it out this weekend for a short tent camping trip. :)
  13. Are you all using Premium gas ?

    If Jeep is managing the charge like many other OEMs, then it is likely that 15% is divided into 9%/6% ratio where the 9% never sees a charge and the 6% is charged and used for Hybrid operation. That 6% depletes and then gets replenished by waste energy from using the ICE and regenerative...
  14. 1 month with the Wrangler 4XE

    Good question. I think the dentrites (or whatever those things are called) form more readily when charging and less aggressively when discharging. But you are is all about managing the heat. Has been that way since transportation was invented.
  15. Departure time scheduling?

    Bummer. It is a plug in vehicle thing. I presume the Pacifica PHEV has this feature but don't know for certain. Maybe someone with a Pacifica PHEV will read this and comment....?
  16. Departure time scheduling?

    I have scoured the owner's manual, supplements, mobile app and infotainment screens and can not find any instructions for setting a departure time. Does this NOT exist in the Jeep 4xe? Every other plug in vehicle that I am familiar with has this feature. Seems like a strange thing for...
  17. How is MPG figured for 4xe

    Correct. In that Hybrid mode the window sticker says it gets about 20 mpg.
  18. How is MPG figured for 4xe

    If you deplete your battery and never plug in again then you can expect about 20 mpg according to the window sticker. Our lifetime average on our previous PHEV was 60.5 mpg. 25k miles over 3 years of ownership. As you can imagine, that is mostly short trips near home with time to replenish...
  19. 4xe Coolant leak and MPG

    Unfortunately this is a very common thing that almost all manufacturers experience when they start producing plug in vehicles. If the pink fluid is coolant then the most common cause of the leak is overflow expansion due to an improper fill at the factory. Very easy to do considering how...
  20. 1 month with the Wrangler 4XE

    80% in 23 minutes on a 13.8kWh battery pack is hardly considered DC fast charging. Mitsubishi is wreckless with allowing DCFC on that small of a battery pack. As a general rule, DCFC should be used as a last resort when all other charging methods are exhausted or unavailable. Used...