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  1. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    The Ursa Minor is awesome we have one and love it! We took it to Wyoming last Oct and are going out again this July
  2. Looking for suggestions for trails in the Black Hills, SD

    Sorry can’t really offer any specific recommendations, but my advice is grab a MVUM from the forest service and go explore! Tons of FS roads and if they get too sketchy for your taste whip a U turn and keep on rocking :rock: It’s a beautiful area and definitely hit up the burger joint in Custer...
  3. The Moose is Loose!

    Beautiful Jeep:like:
  4. Pennsylvania WTB Rubicon Front Steel Bumper

    Howdy folks! Anyone in eastern Pa looking to sell a Rubicon front steel bumper I am looking Thanks!
  5. Ursa Minor?

    It’s been awesome! Hope you enjoy yours!
  6. Warped's Buildup of Grover

    Looks great, how are you liking the AEV lift?
  7. Which of these Gun Racks do you like best?

    Another vote for the Cargo 👍🏼
  8. Warped's Buildup of Grover

    Ya they helped me out with installing my Ursa Minor on my JL, and they will be putting a AEV lift on for me as well, Looking forward to seeing your build !!
  9. Warped's Buildup of Grover

    sorry for your loss, Mount Zion are great guys👍🏼 They are doing some work on my JLUR in February
  10. Game Changer / Difference-Making mods & tips for camping

    My expensive not “needed” but awesome to have is our Ursa Minor J30:like: it’s a total game changer. The much less expensive really useful is the XG Gama cargo bags. They end up being really useful for storing common use items.
  11. Pictures of camping with your Jeep

    In Pole mountain area Wyoming ❤️
  12. Ursa Minor?

    Hey! Just a quick UM update, just got back from a 4k mile round trip from PA to Wyoming and back! Spent every night in the J30 and it was awesome. I know they are pricey but it was AWESOME! Couple lessons learned and was a great first long trip. Hope everyone is doing well
  13. Part of the JL Fam and first post!

    :CWL: Yes absolutely in love with it, will be taking our first multi night trip in early Oct:rock:
  14. Ursa Minor?

    If you don’t have a ton of stuff in the Jeep we sleep 4 in our Jeep. 2 upstairs and we bought a full size gel mattress topper and with the back seats folded down it’s pretty darn comfortable, that said if you are a tall guy that probably wouldn’t work. All the Best with your search:like:
  15. Ursa Minor?

    Well I actually got to see a GFC and the UM (for a JK) side by side a few years ago, and honestly I was much more impressed with UM quality. Not that GFC was bad but for the Wrangler ease of entry and the quality it was not even close in my opinion. Hatch Adventures in Bozeman has JK’s with UM...
  16. Ursa Minor?

    Yes I don’t have any lift yet and I have plenty of room, I do plan on 35’s and a 2.5” lift in the future. Honestly choose the drivers side for the awning because that’s what I have seen the most, down the road I would like to get a batwing to cover the rear as well. A dual battery set up is...
  17. Ursa Minor?

    1.Being I just got mine this week I can only say the white top should do a good job reflecting sunlight 2. I just spent last night in it with a low of 30 and it stayed comfortable (had a Kelty 20deg bag and blanket) the UM when closed up is pretty tight 3. No it doesn’t but at least for last...
  18. Ursa Minor?

    Just got back in cell service, first night in the J30 was awesome! Got down to 30* and was actually pretty darn cozy in the top. Sounds like all the questions got answered.