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  1. GPS Map for offroading

    There is a definite learning curve to utilize the features available. I used a Montana in my SxS and later upgraded to a 276CX for a larger screen. I bought the 24k Topo maps for the western part of the US and was content until recently. I upgraded my desktop machine to a new Macbook Pro and...
  2. RhinoRack Rubber Mat in Parts

    Purple line. The small tabs stick out toward the front of the picture. The U-shape goes around the single hole, and should be stuck to the casting.
  3. RhinoRack Rubber Mat in Parts

    I had one off also. They are from the single-hole-side of numbers 10 and 11, sticky side toward casting.
  4. Looking for suggestions for trails in the Black Hills, SD

    Check out this site. He has some ideas and photos and has actually been to his travelogs. You can get a taste of his tracks before you go. GPS tracks to boot.
  5. Recommendations for CB/VHF Radio?

    She was probably talking about the online testing on places like: I tried to take my test a couple of months ago and the local test site referred me to this online testing link. I seemed to recall a 15min time limit for the Tech. I was able to schedule a...
  6. Dash Accessory Dock with Custom USB Outlet

    I just received my Shapeways USB/Lighter holder. I ordered it less than 10 days ago and is a great holder. I admire your ingenuity....
  7. Repercussions of regeneration?

    It seems as though you're voicing concerns as if every 61 miles, you could have a soot level of 63%. It could be that your car was idled during its initial life an abnormal amount - maybe at the factory, maybe at the dealership while they cleaned it up, or maybe even a salesman let a...