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  1. Can I fit 5 Rubicon Rims & Tires in the back of my JLU Sahara?

    So in theory 35s can fit if you fidangle it enough? I’ve got wheels coming and I’m gonna have tires shipped to walmart and then go to a shop to mount. Not sure if I trust walmart to mount and balance.
  2. Just know that your JLU holds 21 gallons of Fuel.

    At that point i’d walk. I thought gas in miami was bad but you’re a whole dollar per gallon over my average here.
  3. Knock in rear with Dana 44

    Hey all I'm trying to figure out if what I hear is the knock coming from the rear axle. I've got an lsd in my sport, I found a video from another thread(if anyone knows please link me lol), and I've been trying to find the member who posted but I seriously can't remember where I found it...
  4. Century Club 100K Miles

    Holy cow, any significant issues at all?
  5. SpookyXJ's Jeep Fever 2 Door JL Build

    Man I love how these flares look! Did you flash the computer for the DRL, or was there some wiring to do? How’s it been holding up long term? That’s a shame that it’s kinda flimsy
  6. Max Terrain Fender Flare Set, F & R; 18-20 JL/JLU

    Guess we’re about to find out when I buy it next month. I’ll update whenever I install.
  7. Max Terrain Fender Flare Set, F & R; 18-20 JL/JLU

    Based on this, if I were to wire it as a LED package JL, and flash with my JSCAN, it should in theory work like the oem DRLs? I want to figure a way for the DRL to work without messing with the headlight switch.
  8. Dealer Cussed me out over Survey!

    I had a service manager throw shade at me when I came back for a new track bar; “are you gonna leave a bad review again?”. One of those emails the dealers send out for surveys. They deserve it most of the time.
  9. Apex Autolynx

    Did you end up getting the 10.5” version? If so that’s good to hear you didn’t need to clearance the wheel well. But I suspect that may be because of bumpstops as well?
  10. Shock, Springs & Suspension Information Chart Matrix

    Another member ran diesel springs to compensate for the winch and it leveled out with no extra spacers in the rear. So it’s definitely a viable option imo. Keep us posted how it turns out afterwards!
  11. Is driving with the top down (or off) a deterrent for speeding?

    I think in the jeep, it’s more of a chill driving machine. Granted i’m still an idiot where no one around but that’s not always. The trick if you’re in a rush to not speed and time the stop lights so that you don’t have to stop. Just leap frog coasting to each one. Or go over curbs and what not...
  12. Shock, Springs & Suspension Information Chart Matrix

    Been looking at diesel springs to lift the front end after a winch, but does anyone know the spring rates for the diesel?
  13. Jump starting a dead JL 2.0L w/ eTorque

    Jumping my etorque wasn’t hard when the original battery took a crap on me leaving work. First tried my dads mini jump starter but it was around 30% charged so it didn’t have enough juice to start it. Then hooked up the JT to my jl and boom. The next day however I used a fully charged jump pack...
  14. Rubicon Suspension + Spacer Question

    On the topic of spring spacers, would one encounter coil bind with stock rubi coils and a 1in spacer or 1.5in spacer without additional bumpstop?
  15. Shock, Springs & Suspension Information Chart Matrix

    Man this is amazing! Ive been referring to the screenshots of your spreadsheet in various threads but never knew of the full thing. Ive been gathering my own data but this trumps it. :clap: I notice some shocks that are similar to stock compressed length are marked as red. What makes it outside...
  16. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    I’m curious to see how much clearance-ing i’ll need to do. I’m told I’ll need the 10.5” stroke version but that I’ll need about 2” in bumpstops. Which I’d also prefer not to do as I’m running rubi springs. I’m gonna get these soon in a few months and see from there with clearance and a heat gun...
  17. The Apex Autolynx sway bar disconnect

    Okay I think i’m gonna add this to the list... You guys convinced me and my dad, so he and I hate you guys. Is it a requirement to pair the longer 10.5” version for example with shocks that are longer than stock? I’m not planning on anymore lift, but am planning on slightly longer shocks. My...
  18. JLUR rolls multiple times off potato salad hill

    All things considered; the stock sport cage handled it better than I would have assumed. I saw another angle on tiktok lemme find the link. Edit: Kudos on the driver for keeping his hands on the wheel though. Pretty sure that alone saved him some appendages
  19. How far do 17*8.5 rims with 0 offset & 12.5 tires stick out?

    Man those methods look sweet! Nice to see how my jeep will look similar with black fenders, top and red wheels. Those are 35s?
  20. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    Sometime in the summer. It’s from dings from shipping where the coating was stripped. But the coating itself still seems to be holding up