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  1. S&B intake working correctly on the 2.0T yet?

    I looked and June 8th is when they sent to me
  2. S&B intake working correctly on the 2.0T yet?

    S&b sent me the original fit that didnt work. Then a couple months ago i found they revised it and it has been flawless since
  3. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    Has anyone had any luck getting work back from Turbosmart? Or a workin BOV? They dont seem to reply back to me anymore
  4. DynoMax muff. delete, still don't love the sound. Suggestions?

    I think OP is refering to the 2.0T not the v6 as we are in the 2.0T thread
  5. How do you open the coolant cap on JLUR 2.0L?

    Not to be rude but if you cant figure it out you probably dont need to
  6. Backup Camera random black screen

    My camera has been doing the same blue and black screens for a year now. Dealer is telling me because of the fact I have an after market tire carrier that has a different bracket that holds the camera, the camera is not going be under warranty. This problem started before the bumper/ carrier was...
  7. S&B Cool Air Intake Issue

    Sounds like they're just being a$$holes. If you're not using their intake, well yeah, there's no jeep warranty on it. Wouldn't worry about
  8. S&B Cool Air Intake Issue

    Might just run it anyway. I have the correct CAI from S&B and still get codes
  9. Burger JB4 tuning available now

    I have been running my JB4 a week now and it IS every bit as great as the posts say. Not sure if it's an advertised 40HP great but definitely faster. It's also the only thing that has been able to somehow shutdown that P1CEA CEL that i kept getting from my POS S&B(post fix-it kit). Overall my...
  10. Radio shutting off and coming back on??

    Or maybe just Infotainment. We got alpine speakers, why not the deck too?
  11. Radio shutting off and coming back on??

    Good to know. My jl is the only fiat in the fam, didn't know this is kind of a company wide issue
  12. Big or Tall JL seat bracket needed

    Maybe try wearing the safety belt?
  13. Anyone Order the Mopar Cold Air Intake from the Factory?

    I will if they ever make one for the 2.0T. Right now my junk s&b throws codes at me every week
  14. Radio shutting off and coming back on??

    I too have this issue about every other day. I chocked it up to the tazer. A while back my back up cam either gave me a blue screen or a frozen image. I just had my tire carrier put on and figured something got damage. After hours of tracing back wiring and whatever diagnostic i could think of...
  15. How to Disconnect 48V Battery

    I keep getting the cel after i got the "fix" kit from s&b. Dude keeps trying to tell me i didn't disconnect the battery completely also, even though now i get the cel only about twice a month. I left the 12V disconnected overnight, if that isn't good enough, neither is their product. It will be...
  16. Jeep sliding after installing bigger tires?

    lmaointernet jeepers
  17. S&B Cold Air Intake for 2.0T

    I think i did update Wes. And as far as i know, P1CEA is the only problem
  18. S&B Cold Air Intake for 2.0T

    Got my "fix" kit Friday. P1CEA back on Saturday
  19. Where's the oil filter?

    Is this a real post? Do you people even look at your jeeps or just a screen?