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  1. Lights mounted to standard bumper

    These are all so damn great. I’m doing with with some 7” ambers. What are you all doing for wiring and switches? I have no AUX switch. From the research im doing it seems fairly easy to follow instructions and wire up myself. Anyone advise against this?
  2. Do you constantly take cell phone pics of your JL every day? Post them here!

    Looking around a different part of the city today..
  3. Winch options.

    Agreed off road trails alone can be dangerous. But just to make a maybe or maybe not obvious note, back roads are not considering off roading. So explore and explore deep. Venture into the unknown and bring a garmin for piece of mind if you’re worried
  4. Winch options.

    I actually love this bumper. Seems to be out of stock a lot of places but the cheap price is a bonus. Still looking. Feel free to post more pics of your rig! Looks great
  5. So this broke, window defroster hook up?

    Broke on mine too, but I went a full winter in canada without it and didn’t bother me. I get it, factory defect, still in warranty etc but i don’t view it as something worth my time going into the dealership for.
  6. Sports with Rubicon Wheels

    I have a 1.5 Teraflex kit I’ll probably install soon too
  7. Sports with Rubicon Wheels

    Did mine this morning!
  8. JL/JLU/JT Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    It’s an excellent question. And the only answer is Possibly. But the way I understand it is that the seat belt keeps you in place, not the bolted chair.
  9. Sports with Rubicon Wheels

    Looks so damn good. I’m picking up rubicon wheels tomorrow! Can you tell Me about your fender lights? Did you replace the orange sides with white?
  10. Do Sport Lug nuts work with Rubicon wheels?

    Thank you! Appreciate that
  11. Do Sport Lug nuts work with Rubicon wheels?

    I'm buying a set of Rubicon take off's and want to do the tire swap myself at home. My Sport S has the polished granite crystal wheels. Will I have any issues reusing these lugs? And if anybody knows, will the TPSM sensors just work without me doing anything? trying to avoid going in to a...
  12. JL/JLU/JT Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    You’re damn right. The only time in my entire life I wish I wasn’t this tall was when I first got the jeep. That said, I choose to stick with it, besides, what else am I gonna drive? 😂. This mod will improve my life dramatically though
  13. JL/JLU/JT Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    We can assume it will absolutely come with instructions. And I hope someone will even do a ‘non professional” install video They will absolutely come with instructions. All we have to do is cut through the seat frame basically. Should be extremely straight forw
  14. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    Would this JK version work ok? This is one of the few bumpers that ship to canada. I believe the JK and JL bumpers are interchangeable Anyone have any experience?
  15. JL/JLU/JT Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    Yup, I’m ready to buy as soon as it’s ready to go
  16. JL/JLU/JT Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    1 - Is it possible to replace the entire seat bracket (at a higher cost obviously) rather than us cutting the existing bracket? Just asking. 2 - with this mod, since it’s not affecting the hardware of the seat, I assume the seat can still be adjusted higher in height for my wife. Correct...
  17. JL/JLU/JT Big and Tall Front Seat Drop (Desert Does It)

    I love my jeep so much. I think about it when I’m not in it but I know I’m too big for it. I make due. This product will change my life. thank you so much for taking the initiative.
  18. Just bought a RTT..anything I should know?

    i have a standard awning I found on amazon and just used the brackets that it came with. It mounted right onto the rack without any issues 6.5'L x 6.5'W Roof Rack 4x4 Awning w/Free 6.5' Front Extension, for Car/SUV/Truck - Dark Beige...
  19. Buying used Mopar Steel 3 piece bumper

    Yeah I think I would need to buy some brackets to use my existing fogs. Thanks