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  1. Order Posted!

    Congrats! Welcome to the club...hope yours doesn't take 10 weeks like mine did.
  2. Who loves their soft top?

    Love my PST! Lost my factory provided straps on a 3hr road trip. (I also forgot to lock the top down), but now I use bungie cords connected to the d-rings in the back to keep the top down. Too easy!
  3. WTB: 2 Door Rubicon Rails, Florida or Georgia preferably

    I've got some for sale in Montgomery AL.
  4. How are your 2019 JL's running?

    Yeah, there were like 5 or 6 on different parts. Barcode types decals.
  5. How are your 2019 JL's running?

    1200 Miles on my 2019 JLR and everything is awesome. I did have the weird smell, but after pulling off as many stickers underneath that I could reach, haven't had the smell since.
  6. Just Ordered, how long we thinking?

    My JLR took 10.5 weeks! BUT....well worth the wait. This is my 4th jeep (TJ, JKR & JKU) and by far my favorite!
  7. Soft doors from JK

    You’ve convinced me. I was going to give my JK soft doors to a friend, but I’ll keep them. I love running without doors and windows, kinda the whole point of owning a Jeep for me. Sucks the JL windows can’t be rolled up and stored in the 2 door JL. I loved that part of my TJ.
  8. Few Questions on Ordering

    I agree with UKATS, find another dealer. Once you place the order & deposit, they are custom building a jeep for reason or justification for the price to change. I had an angel of a dealer that allowed me to order another jeep when I realized that my original order didn't include...
  9. Jeep Wranglers Piling up on Dealer Lots - Bloomberg

    There is a 2 door manual transmission Black Rubicon in Prattville Alabama. Has the steel bumper group and the alpine system. I know because I ordered it and then realized that it wasn’t coming with the tow group or 8.4” audio upgrade so I ordered another one.