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  1. Looking for premium JLU soft top. Northern Idaho

    I would love to strip off the hard top and just run a soft top all summer. Is there anyone selling a premium JLU soft top? Located in northern idaho, coeur d' alene/spokane area.
  2. Need advice on best soft top

    only ones I have found are the factory mopar one, not sure on back order status, and then bestop sells one. I don't believe the one on bestop folds down like the mopar one. Here is a link. I personally have...
  3. Speaker issue?

    Took my jeep in last week and they replaced the tweeters. Still have the issue obviously. I called today and gave them the star case number S180800278 and they said they couldn't find it. Either way, gonna take it back in for a fix. Thank you everyone for this forum. The vibration is definitely...
  4. Steering tight

    Yes the issue was fixed. I'll try to explain what they told me but I am not a mechanic so I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense. The mechanic said jeep set the steering box to assist with driving straight when you get to certain mph. He said the steering box or some steering control module was set...
  5. Steering tight

    Took mine to dealer. They had to reset power steering box. I don't know a lot of details on what they did but they said it was programed incorrectly. I believe there is a tsb for it too.
  6. Steering tight

    So I did a search and found a bunch of people reporting steering is loose but not tight. I received my jl in April and haven't really had any problems. I've noticed for the last week that my steering becomes very hard to turn my steering wheel left when I'm at highway speeds. Best way to...
  7. Off Road Pages has arrived via OTA software update!

    Happy Saturday. Uconnect updated with off road pages today. In north Idaho!
  8. JK Hard Rock Wheels on JL Sahara TPMS Issue

    I had one go out in a Chevy Malibu. Dealer or tire shop should have a device that resets them if that is the problem. I used a tire store and it was free.
  9. Who has the most miles on their rig already? (if so, how long have you had it?)

    11,000 miles. Purchased in April. Not really happy about how many miles I've put on but it is a daily driver and my first jeep. Cant count the number of times I'm bored and just want to take it out and explore. Everything is more fun in a jeep.
  10. Fire at Jeep Wrangler storage lot in Toledo

    Not sure what FCA plans to do but I was on the copart website. It is the salvage yard the insurance companies use when they total a vehicle. There were several brand new, still in plastic jl wranglers for sale on that website a few weeks ago. Maybe ones that can be salvaged are being sold...
  11. Threatened by Jeep cares and FCA

    I want to know the results of this inspection. I haven't really looked over my welds but have been reading a ton about them being insufficient. Where is that one person "it's a jeep thing". LOL just kidding.
  12. Jeep announces that 2018's will NOT get the Off-Road pages

    Ugh annoying. Get it together jeep. Don't get me wrong I love my wrangler but this year has been a mess for fiat/chrysler. Release comparing to other companies felt very delayed. For example, how many 2018 vehicles actually come out in 2018? I got a 2017 Subaru forester in June 2016. But okay...
  13. What is that noise?

    I will try to get a recording. It definitely sounds like metal on metal grind. Best to describe it is it sounds like a rock is between the pads and rotor and I figured that is what it was. I wasn't hearing anything at 70 mph. When I'm city driving nothing when I apply the brakes. Only when...
  14. What is that noise?

    I have a weird problem going on with the jeep. I'm currently 8 hrs in an 11 hr drive. The trip has been very windy but that is about all. My jl started making a metal on metal noise when I go from 70 mph and slow down in the front driver side wheel. Then once I get to a complete stop the noise...
  15. Rear window rubber seal looks like it is melting

    I just noticed on my jl rear window seal that the rubber looks like it is melting and is all sticky now. Although not a big issue at the moment, I can see it getting worse considering I've only had the vehicle for a month. It's not hot where I live yet. Pacific NW and pretty typical spring...
  16. Fuel fill door stock on rubicon?

    I believe it is standard on Rubicon and Sahara. My Sahara didn't come with one either. If it isn't on the build sheet im not sure if the dealer would honor it.
  17. Rear window fluid dripping

    Mine does this too. Not sure why. I've used the rear sprayer twice but constantly have a dried line from fluid leaking.
  18. BonusDrive $500 Cash Back Offer

    so I'm signing up for my bonusdrive and in the field competitive make and model it doesn't have jeep listed. what are you suppose to fill in here?