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  1. Half Doors - Who is gonna be 1st!?

    Made my own a few years ago so do not recall cost but minimal as its basically just 4 hinge brackets
  2. 2 door vs. 4 door sales

    Agreed on the manual windows!! I really wish my JLR had manual locks and windows but that wasn’t an option when ordering :swear:
  3. 2 door vs. 4 door sales

    Add a manual transmission to this configuration (2 door soft top) and you definitely have a rare wrangler
  4. Skinny vs fatties

    I’m running stock rubicon Ko2’s (285/70r17) and plan on going with the falken wildpeak 255/80r17 this fall. Love that look! Still 33’s but an inch narrower tread
  5. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Initially I would just want/need the dual rotopax mount and third brake light as my relocation of the third brake light will be occluded with your mount and I have no need (yet) for a license plate relocate. As for the backup camera, if it’s covered and not usable I’m ok with that, with a 2...
  6. JL Rotopax Mount - "Adventure Caddie"

    Too late for my Easter jeep safari trip but will for sure bu in my future travel plans. From this image I’m sure my trasharoo will work as well. Great work!
  7. Half Doors - Who is gonna be 1st!?

    Perhaps first JL 1/2 doors “in the wild” As I’m sure you know, pictures are a mandate 😁
  8. Pics of Rubicon decals removed?

    Debadged the jeep right after I picked it up in July of ‘18.
  9. Half Doors - Who is gonna be 1st!?

    I wonder how long before these factory 1/2 doors become available to purchase for those of us with older JL’s? It would be nice to have 1/2 doors for this coming spring/summer but if they are holding up new factory orders I cannot imagine they would be available as an aftermarket option until...
  10. Slick way to access rear storage cubby with a fridge mounted

    Made it up as I went along, would love to have something fabricated out of aluminum however but don’t have skills there.
  11. Centerforce Clutch Installed on JL Rubicon

    Any noticeable difference in MPG with the heavier flywheel? The added weight (~18lbs?) should be minimal weight to the vehicle but wondering if the heavier flywheel will improve MPG at all?
  12. Did i buy a unicorn? 2 door Rubicon

    My JLR (MT, soft top) will be 2 years old this July 6th and I already have 37,000 miles on her :rock:
  13. Slick way to access rear storage cubby with a fridge mounted

    Plywood, metal angle brackets that bolt to the rear seatbelt mounts. Plan on redoing it with aluminium if i get a chance.
  14. JLU Premium Black Soft Top Back Window Sag

    Looks like some may have received inferior tops/windows and i would insist on replacement under warranty. My 2018 JLR with the premium soft top has over 20,000 miles and looks good yet. Have taken the windows out and put back in hundreds of times so far and mine look like they did when new yet...
  15. Caught in the rain

    I run a DYI platform that I can use for secure storage as everything underneath is secure when tailgate is locked. Strap me ARB 37 fridge to it and all my camping gear. Works perfect for two people on long trips. Platform bolts to the rear seatbelt bolts so it’s secure as hell.
  16. Caught in the rain

    Not too bad with the weathertec floor liners up front. Back seat is also removed so no clue on how hot the rear gets. In my JK the floor felt hotter (removed carpet as well) but neither is that bad as long as you have floor mats in.
  17. Caught in the rain

    Not sure on what @anotherWS6 did but I removed my carpets (2 door JLR) and put in storage first week I had the jeep. Going on 13 months now with no carpet and wouldn't have it any other way.
  18. Steel bumper real life crash result

    It looks like the spare tire impacted the hood of the car that hit you, any damage to your tire carrier and/or camera?
  19. Caught in the rain

    Leather, dry them off with a towel when I get back to garage and (so far) holding up well
  20. Caught in the rain

    First week I had my JLR I removed all of the carpeting and I run it doorless and windowless but leave the premium soft top up in safari mode primarily for sun protection. Got caught a few times in some hellish downpours (sideways rain) and filled foot wells with a few inches of water. With no...