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  1. 2018 JLUR performance mod consideration - feedback please

    On my 06 TJ, I ran my air intake under my cowl. Did it help performance wise, I really can't say, but my butt and foot say yes. Plus it made room for me to add things under the hood (onboard air, electircal cluster for all my wiring and look clean). If you are going CAI on a JL, just add a...
  2. Quake LED & American Adventure Labs Setup

    Have you found a fix for this? I am wanting to do a lcg build with my Rubicon so need high fenders (probably metalcloak) or do what you did but want working lights.
  3. Feedback / review of WARN Jeep JL Rubicon Front Bumper Grille Guard Tube?

    The grill guard is good for what you get. Some do not like that it blocks the hooks but I like that it does. Use d-rings and with the bar in place they can not come free from the hooks without a lot of force. Uses same bolts to install, took about 15 minutes. Oh and just plain looks good.
  4. Would tube doors look ok on stock rubicon?

    Tube doors cause I have a Terrorist ;) (pre-teen kid) that I don't trust to not hang outside the Jeep with the doors off.
  5. Goodyear discount

    I have a discount for 35% off from Goodyear. Can I use it at Discount Tire or only at the GoodYear store?
  6. JL Altitude Package???

    Ahhhh, poor lil MOAB owner getting his panties all in a wad cause he got called a red headed stepchild. Go suck on your pacifier, life will get better when your MOAB grows up and gets upgrades.
  7. JL Altitude Package???

    Nope, MOAB's are the red headed Jeep stepchildren. We never get tired of picking on you!
  8. What are these buttons?

    Toolman posted what mine are like in the diagram. Not all Jeeps are alike cause it depends on options.
  9. What are these buttons?

    On mine they are assist, sos, and I forget the others. Used for uconnect/sirius guardian.
  10. Hauk Off-Road Snorkel - Install and Review

    I do like the looks of it. Similar to what I did with my TJ it just didn't have the mushroom. Thanks for the info and write up.
  11. Hauk Off-Road Snorkel - Install and Review

    I'm interested in the Hauk snorkel but have a question. Does the top interfere with the passenger view at all? Wife is the one I need to consider for me to install this as she is the copilot. :) She likes everthing else I do to my Jeeps but that might kill this one. Thanks
  12. Loving my ROAM frame-mounted side steps/rock sliders

    I prefer the frame mounted ones. With the body roll that is talked about, when you mount rigid steel to the body it reduces the body roll or body flex (in certain directions) and can lead to damage in another area. Frame mount with proper gap will prevent the damage shown above. Hell get the...
  13. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Winch plate came in so was able to move winch from my TJ to the JLU. Kinda a pita. Added warn grill guard. No pics cause I hate taking them. Next weekend Roam frame mount steps and 35s.
  14. Loving my ROAM frame-mounted side steps/rock sliders

    Got my tracking number for frame mounted steps. Hope to install next weekend.
  15. What is this - accent stitching or awesome floor mats ?

    Oh yeah I did! I almost went pumpkin but the mojito just called out Grinch (nieces and nephews nickname for me). State! Boomer loosers. LOL :clap:
  16. What is this - accent stitching or awesome floor mats ?

    I'm an okie and that is too much red. Needs to be orange. LOL *thread hijack done now*
  17. Rear D-Ring Mounts JL v JK

    What is there to prevent using these mounts? Just drill 2 holes the correct size/distance and bolt it in. Might need to take off bumper to get nut bar in the frame. So what easy install. Edit- Make sure the bolts are grade 8.
  18. Ridgid Cowl Mount + 6" KC Pro-Sport Gravity LED G6

    Have you seen the mopar cowl mount? I am waiting on mine to come in but I plan to run my cb antenna there also.
  19. Aftermarket Bumpers

    This is the problem going cheap. A good bumper w/ tire carrier is adjustable when it does start rattling. Known many buddies and mine that don't. OK how lazy is a person that can not open the tire carrier and then the rear gate? That is just freaking sad. To the OP - do not go cheap you will...
  20. Painting steel bumpers (DIY)

    I have painted all after market parts on my TJ. Get a good primer then whatever can of Rust-oleum spray paint you want and go to town. Don't do it outside as dirt and other crud will get in the paint. Also makes it very easy to do touch-up for scratches, etc...