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  1. Rear View Mirror too Dark

    Bill Beverly OK, I found it, it is under controls. I was looking under settings. But all you can do is turn auto dim on/off. What I was looking for is brightness adjustment. Does not seem to be any. On page 42 of the user manual it says 'The Automatic Dimming feature can be turned on or off...
  2. Rear View Mirror too Dark

    Is there a way to adjust the brightness in Uconnect of the rear view mirror? When I look in the rear view mirror the mirror is way too dark. My Jeep came with tinted windows and when I look out the back window I can see the tinting, but rear view mirror seems to double the darkness. Thanks Bill.
  3. 2019 Jeep Wrangler 4-Door JLU ORDER GUIDE and PRICING (U.S.)

    I live in Pasadena California, any dealer in the area that is willing to sell at invoice or below? Thanks