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  1. Question for folks with Rock Rails.

    If you are gonna spend for rails I would get a heat gun and infrared thermometer for the install. Those bolts have red loctite and you have to get them HOT to melt it down. I reheated mine every turn and it was a chore but no snapped bolts.
  2. Texas 2019 JLU Rubicon Factory Rock Rails

    ^Price reduced to $120. Been in my garage since March, still like new. These will fit all JLU including Sport, Sahara, etc.
  3. Speaker replacement upgrade

    Hey @carstereochick I saw Morel has the 4" Hybrid and the 4" Hybrid Shallow now. Did you use the regular ones or the shallows? And when you say fit perfectly, does that mean plug and play or did adapters have to be used? I ask because it looks like the 4" (on the soundbar at least) is recessed...
  4. Top Tier gas

    Its not Stop & Shop, or any brand, per se that is the issue, it's the mom and pop "management" of the filling stations that don't keep their underground tanks filled enough. All underground tanks condense a little water at the bottom (water is heavier than gasoline), and when the tanks are near...
  5. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    Thanks. That has the 22-pin connectors, but not the 10-pin. That is a 22-pin and 16-pin.
  6. Adding an Aftermarket Amp(s)

    I have been watching this thread (thanks!) and I have started my own aftermarket amp project. However, I have the premium Alpine system and I am stuck trying to find a connector for the OEM amp. I am trying to create a harness that will fit between the two OEM male speaker harness connectors and...
  7. Part Identification Help

    Maybe they just toss one in to throw us off :)
  8. Part Identification Help

    The other side is concave, like a little bowl. I will have a look at the steering shaft assembly. Really difficult to see under there. Thanks.
  9. Part Identification Help

    First, a question. Does Porsche put red Loctite on everything like Jeep does?! I am like, dang! need a breaker bar to get these seat bolts loose! Anyway, so I am working under the dash on the JL and found this on the carpet. It looks important, and I know its Jeep because it's a Torx. Any idea?
  10. Texas 2019 JLU Rubicon Factory Rock Rails

    Perfect condition, black, on vehicle less than 300 miles. All factory mounting hardware included. $150. Local pickup only. Cypress, TX 77433.
  11. Giveaway of the Month - May 2019 - JL Wrangler True Dual Rate Lift Kit, Rocksport Edition

    My driveway is so steep! I need this! And the gold will look great on Mojito! Metalcloak FTW!
  12. How are your 2019 JL's running?

    Two months and 1150 miles in, drives much better than I had hoped, no issues at all. Except UConnect 8.4 can be a bit bitchy. I mean glitchy. And I will add that I hardly ever step hard on the gas but when I do it’s faster than I would have thought possible.
  13. Default Dash Colors

    Freedom of choice is always good, but sometimes the designers actually know what they’re doing. The red stitching is an accent, but the dash is mostly what you see from the front seats. I think the big red dash on green would be too much clash. Besides, I have the silver dash, and it’s actually...
  14. Issues with the Trail management system

    Mine look like Turp’s as well.
  15. New Jeep JLU diecast from Matchbox

    I’m on my phone and car is easier to type. But ok AUTOMOBILE
  16. New Jeep JLU diecast from Matchbox

    Oh I’m in! Err, the picture shows body colored fenders but the car has black fenders
  17. Question for those with UConnect 8.4 issues

    I've had one strange UConnect issue. I pressed the touch screen and shut my driver door at the same time and got a case of the never-ending door-ajar ding. Not ding ding ding but more like diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. The sound was superimposed over the radio output (which still...
  18. Trying to pick a side decal

    If I had to choose then lite splash. What’s up with all the tire track likes? That would look like someone ran over your Jeep.
  19. Question for JLUR Owners with Stock AT Tires

    I have the stock 32 KO2s and don’t hear them. And the tracking is good too. Can’t imagine better.
  20. What is your best/favorite mod for under $20

    Locking gas cap. This says by Dodge but it's the right part...