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  1. How to Exit Tazer JL Mini Menu?

    The manual says you can safely exit the vehicle settings menu by holding the left arrow and tapping the cruise "res" button. However, another section describes a Partial Reboot, and you do the exact same thing. Ignition is on but engine is not running (need this for vehicle settings). I then...
  2. Pics please - Mopar 2" lift with 37 in tires

    Okay, good to know and thank you again! I won't worry about the wiring back there and will clean 'er out when the fun is done. :)
  3. Pics please - Mopar 2" lift with 37 in tires

    That looks awesome. Love the green! I just took those rear plastic pieces off - taking it out again next weekend so I'm hoping that solves the rub problem. I did notice now though, that the wiring in the rear bumper is now unprotected from anything that might get thrown up from the tires. Should...
  4. Pics please - Mopar 2" lift with 37 in tires

    It does help - thank you! :)
  5. Pics please - Mopar 2" lift with 37 in tires

    BobK, did you have to remove the rear plastic bumper panel close-out? The piece right behind the tires, between the fender liner and bumper? Your pic looks like it was removed and I just went off-roading for the first time with my wrangler jl on 2" lift with 37" and they rubbed on that plastic...
  6. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    I joined in June! :rock:
  7. Tazer JL start stop anyone else have issues

    Yeah, I confirmed with support that you don't have to unmarry and re-marry for this firmware update.
  8. Need Help w/ Screw Part Number (rear interior panel)

    Thank you for this - as I did call the parts department and they had no luck. I'll swing in for a bag of goodies. :)
  9. Need Help w/ Screw Part Number (rear interior panel)

    I noticed the screw that is used to hold the right rear cargo panel in place is missing. It's located on the upper left side of the subwoofer, basically behind the passenger side seat. Does anyone know the part number for this torx screw/bolt? Pics below to help. Thanks!
  10. Can you leave the mini plugged in and update the firmware?

    I sent Z Automotive a couple of emails and asked if this was the correct procedure: 1. Unplug the two connectors for tazer jl mini 2. Plug tazer jl mini into laptop with USB cable 3. Use ZPU and Automatic Update feature to update to latest firmware 4. Disconnect USB cable 5. Plug two connectors...