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  1. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    I am not sure about that, but with the 3" you probably got from the mopar lift you would probably be OK on road particularly if you pick a "smaller" 37 like the K02 or cooper at3 ltx that are 36.5 vs. a "true" 37 that is 36.8-37. Off-road I have no idea but I wouldn't want to do a ton of...
  2. Teraflex 2.2 In Stock Anywhere?

    For anyone viewing, to Morris 4x4s credit - Julia reached out to me after seeing my post and is helping get the order worked out and wait time shortened as much as possible. Now saying 3-4 weeks which I will wait. Great customer care shown here.
  3. Indiana Fox 2.0 IFP shocks 2-3” Lift

    Mind sharing how much tuning was from accutune and what tune you went with? I see they have adventure, dual sport and trail tunes for the jeeps on their website.
  4. Indiana Fox 2.0 IFP shocks 2-3” Lift

    Where in In? I am Evansville. I am up in the air between 2.0 and 2.5 dsc. huge difference in cost but I have accutune tuned 2.5 dscs on my f-150 and they were absolutely awesome. Any feedback on ride quality, control, etc between stock, 2.0 and 2.5?
  5. Teraflex 2.2 In Stock Anywhere?

    Just got a notice from morris 4x4 it will be MID APRIL before teraflex ships the 2.2 stabilizer- bought the one for the JK as it is going on with Yeti tie rod. Does anyone know if these are in stock anywhere? I ordered for black friday, so this would make a 5 month wait which seems insane...
  6. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    Note that Anthony at @JeepCares is awesome- lots of interaction and follow up and got the tab done yesterday- huge improvement in steering. I will still do track bar tie rod drag link upgrade just for extra help, but the tsb was night and day. I am sold on jeep cares effort to help us as loyal...
  7. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    i have this exact setup and use 8th at lower cruising speeds but once i hit 65+ unless going down steeper hill i never see it. Also saw big loss in acceleration but mpg is not bad, maybe 1-2 mpg loss.
  8. RUBICON Lift Less than 2 inches - options without going spacers ?

    got it-no i dont think the rubber bushings have any maintenance but the flex joints i think do as they have grease zerks. I may just go with the all rubber and give up the idea of getting more available articulation with the flex joints or alpine ir’s. Would also save some funds as well!
  9. RUBICON Lift Less than 2 inches - options without going spacers ?

    @Rubi VT how do you like your Rustys control arms? I think you convinced me to ditch the endurosport lift and go rustys 2” coils with the 2-3.5” lift Vertex shocks! More expensive but the shocks look way nicer and looks to net the same 2” lift height. On CA’s, I really wanted something with...
  10. Washington Steersmarts Rear Track bar

    Strange- wonder why the bolts would be too short that they supplied? Mistake with all the kits or just a bad batch with this kit? Is this for a rubicon/JL 2018+? Assuming a 2 and 4 door are the same bar. I am in 47630 zip code- would you consider any lower on price?
  11. Texas Like New Synergy Draglink & Tie Rod - Houston TX

    Why are you selling? I am looking for new tie rod and drag link but up in the air between MC, SS and Synergy. Although, given my poor experience with Synergy on the track bar and steering stabilizer/reinforcement kit unless I find a deal on their stuff too good to pass up I will stay away from...
  12. Ohio Terraflex Falcon Nexus EF 2.2 Steering Stabilizer

    Can you provide pictures? I am in Evansville, IN and could probably meet you half way if you didn't want to ship. Out of curiosity, what tie rod and drag link did you go with? I am looking for a new setup and considering the steer smarts setup.
  13. Massachusetts Dynatrac endurosport 2 inch lift

    If you decide differently and are willing to ship I would be happy to take them at $550 and would cover shipping.
  14. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    I have had noisy steering from day one and have not had the box replaced yet (although hoping to get the part soon- Jeep Cares is helping me!). I notice in especially when I am parked and turn the wheel, the electronic steering is very noisy, have even had passengers ask if something is wrong...
  15. AEV Borah wheels on JL

    Nice! I like the replacement yellow aev center caps. Did those tires balance out well and riding smooth? DT ordered 2 new RG’s and will start with replacing the two that needed so much weight. They road force balanced and it is mostly the same. We shall see. I am about to sell my stockers so...
  16. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    I am also on a wait for the new box and have been waiting about6 weeks. @JeepCares how best to send you vin and dealer info? Can you help get us a new box sooner? My dealer just told me Friday their orders had been permanently put on hold/ cancelled so now they have NO eta for me. They think...
  17. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    Not sure- maybe but with some trimming. I bought the jct offroad skid. It looks better than the plastic and is solid steel so should be durable on trail.
  18. Ebay Rubi Steel Bumper (not a knock-off) pretty legit!

    Well I installed the rear bumper and thought the backup sensors were working but now they are acting up. Can anyone tell me if the clip on the sensors points up or down on their stock bumper? I positioned mine “up” but may not have paid enough attention to how they were positioned in the stock...
  19. Problem with balancing 35’s on AEV Borahs (is this too many weights?)

    I think you are right. I even asked the guy why one of them took so much weight and why they didn't use bigger ones to reduce number, he just said "well, sometimes with these big wheels and tires you know..." i should have talked with the sales guy then about a do-over but didn't have the...
  20. Problem with balancing 35’s on AEV Borahs (is this too many weights?)

    I asked them to do that but I am not sure they did. How can I tell they are using that machine/technique?