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  1. That 6MT transmission: I really like it!

    Backing in a camper up hill here. Easy Peazy. 4 low is your friend. Won’t hurt a thing as long as your not making big turns.
  2. Differential oil change

    Just to add to this thread for future people. I just changed both F/R at 20500 miles. Normal metal mud on the magnets and both oils looked fine. Honey in the front and a little more brownish in the rear. Since I tow a camper near max spec I went with Valvoline syn 75/140 in the rear. I did...
  3. 2021 JLUR Manual Transmission Starting in 1st gear tips?

    I feel like your slipping the clutch even more if your trying to take off without giving it gas. I’m pretty much always pushing the throttle when I take off, just not very much. the faster you can get the clutch engaged the less slipping and consequently less wear and tear.
  4. Skinny vs fatties

    Original P buckshots 😁
  5. Running dual battery cable to rear storage cubby

    For my compressor I bought some sheathing to protect the wires then I just ran them along the passenger frame rail then up through the drain hole under the rear seat for my compressor. Cut the rubber sealing plug to act as a grommet. Works fine for me.
  6. High output alternator

    The JL tow package comes with a 240 alternator, you could buy one of those possibly.
  7. High output alternator

    the onboard computer controls your alternator output and now it doesn’t see the alternator so your computer thinks it failed. It’s going into protection mode.
  8. An active regen happened below 51% soot in the DPF

    In heavy equipment an active regen will happen based on time since last regen as well as the normal for soot loading. this is to prevent soot packing in the outer circumference of the dpf when the engine is operated properly and passive regen keeps the center flowing well. I’d say jeeps use...
  9. Help with the swaybar disconnect warning light please (Pic)

    it will work in 4 hi as well. Use it all the time.
  10. Rear Track Bar Problem---Need advice

    You need both a longer trac bar and drag link for the front and a longer trac bar for the rear. the trac bars center your axle. By lifting the Jeep the distance from the Jeep frame to axle got farther away so the shorter stock bars pull the axles to the drivers side. Or You could also use a drop...
  11. Icy Hill

    Going down icy hill with limited to no traction. 2wd, just the drag of the power train can be enough to cause one to loose traction, 4low enhances that. 4 low is great for holdback but that’s only if you have traction Sliding the back 2 is better than all 4 because your wheels were all...
  12. 2 door ver. 4 door

    If you think the 4 door won’t go then you need to check out lite brites early videos.
  13. 6 speed won't turn over after a stall?

    Same for me, if I stall I just push the clutch and hit the button and it fires right back up.
  14. Limited Slip Differential vs. Traction Control/Brake Lock Differential

    I was thinking bld is disabled in 4lo. I know it is on a rubi. Edit that’s where lsd comes into play
  15. Anybody ever had a full size bumper (Large Jeep Parts) shipped to them?

    Ups brought my jlurs metal cloak rails straight away. The box was pretty tore up but everything was there and unhurt. They were dang heavy and big.
  16. Anyone Tow a Camper? Size? Pics?

    I’ve heard other countries have stricter towing laws as the reason. In the USA it’s kind of a run what ya brung type thing. I see people hauling trailers doing stupid fast speeds all the time, not hitched up right even though they have a WD hitch, all kinds of crazy stuff.
  17. JLU vs Benz vs Mitsubishi

    All that video shows is how big a difference tires make. Wtf a rubi with street tread?
  18. Exhaust System Regeneration?

    That’s a good point, in my field usually the large engines have the extra injector and the small use in cylinder. I have not checked on the Jeep.
  19. Exhaust System Regeneration?

    Blow by- small amounts always make it by the rings. Excessive active regens add up. Chevy had a real problem with this early on as all their dosing fuel was added from only the back 2 cylinders causing wash down. In their case it was wiping out the cylinders.
  20. Exhaust System Regeneration?

    It allows soot buildup and not enough heat for passive regen to happen so yes you’ll get more active regens which uses fuel lowering your mpg and potentially causing fuel dilution.