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  1. New Method 701 question

    I like it. One of the few wheels without fake beadlocks on it.
  2. LED Backup Lights?

    So far it looks like this idea will work. I removed the Rigid bezel from the light which should be fine if I machine a groove into the reflector replacement and use it as the new bezel. I'll start messing with it this weekend, I may drive up to to the 3D guys and get them to digitize the OEM...
  3. Has Anyone Ordered and Already Received Mopar LED Head Lights?

    No, I didn't ask. I'll be over there this weekend and will ask if the body shop estimator is around.
  4. Has Anyone Ordered and Already Received Mopar LED Head Lights?

    confirmed, you can order them from the body shop, they told me the replacements are a different part numbers compared to the Mopar 'kit'. Not sure if there is a wiring harness or anything to adapt form the halogens. Proceed with caution. I asked my dealer today while I was getting an oil change.
  5. Got my LōD sliders today

    LOD stuff is always top notch. If I needed sliders I'd be all over these again. I'm 99% sure the lower section was removeable on my JK, is my memory fading? They were all black with button head bolts holding the panels on, with an aluminum LOD logo? Or am I nuts.
  6. Sport S with upgraded LED Tail light...

    What are you trying to replace if you already have rear LEDS?
  7. Rear light kit JLUR

    I'm sure you could mount them there. I don't love the idea of them hanging down, but I cant imagine they would hang much lower than the receiver. I'm hoping for an integrate look that's why I'm hoping when my Rigid ignite gets here I can get it in the reflector location.
  8. Mopar 5” and 7” LED Offroad lights

    I wonder what the 'real' price is. This makes the Mopar pair at ~$650 look like a royal bargin.
  9. LED Backup Lights?

    I'm going to try to get them in that reflector location. I'm fortunate to have the ability to machine parts so if I can get it to fit in there somehow I can send the model to the machine shop to have them make something nice. I want OEM fit and finish or I'll just skip then
  10. Light bars and pillar lights

    Same Chinese light bars I imported a pallet of years ago. 50/50 chance on getting a dud if they don't expect each one. I have to take each bar out of it's box and test a multitude of things. About 30% of them had either positive or negative continuity through the aluminum housing. Negative...
  11. LED Backup Lights?

    The Rigid Ignite is still on back-order or something. Hopefully it will ship soon, I only ordered one so I can see how it goes and to check the brightness.
  12. AFE Exhaust

    3 week review on the AFE exhaust. I have the Hi-tuck 2.5" exhaust. It's got some drone at 2k RPM that drops off at 3k. With the tops on and windows up it's a little louder than I'd like, but far from Honda Civic status. Open the windows and the drone drops off noticably. It's at the perfect...
  13. Clear versus Amber?

    Carolina Metal Masters makes some special nuts that will slow down a theif for a few seconds. I had the Rigid version on my JK, I could unscrew it by hand without the special key they had for it. I wouldn't suggest that one.
  14. Not happy with my DV8 FS-15 install documentation

    This is universal throughtout the entire industry. My Warn winch plate was the same way, not a single sheet of paper for the install, I suspect it's not a coincidence Northridge made a video for them. Videos are fine, maybe better, but they have to include some sort of documentation telling me...
  15. Frame Mounted Rails

    LOD all day for frame mounted rock rails. Top notch. Pain in the ass to install but once they are installed there's nothing better. I don't need rock rails since I moved back to FL, but if I did I wouldn't look anywhere else. Get the 2 stage powder coating.
  16. Mopar 5” and 7” LED Offroad lights

    For $895 if you can swing it, it's not even an option in my mind. Just as good as the JWs I had for half the cost. I had JW headlights, fogs, and tail lights I spent $1500+ if I remember correctly. If you can afford it you absolutely have to get them. I loved the output on the JWs but they...
  17. Mopar 5” and 7” LED Offroad lights

    I had D2s, SRs and a few other Rigids on my JK. They went through major rain storms, and ~20" water crossings with no water intrusion. I wouldn't call them junk, but I agree foggy lenses are unacceptable at this price point. Maybe I was lucky. but I never had any issues. I'll keep buying them...
  18. Mopar 5” and 7” LED Offroad lights

    Warn winch mount has a license plate bracket built in!
  19. Mopar 5” and 7” LED Offroad lights

    Here are the 7" lights if you want to see them mounted.
  20. TYRI Lights

    eBay with one of their 15% off flash deals a few weeks ago.