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  1. What's your favorite brand of sunglasses?

    Another vote for Maui Jim. I'm also a Ray-Ban aviator fan.....but you must have the right facial structure to pull them off.
  2. 2.0L Turbo Engine Ordering NOW Open, $1000 MSRP Upcharge

    Wow, if this is an unbiased review the turbo has piqued my interest. I'm glad I'm waiting to see which platform I find more desirable.
  3. Any Rubicon owners NOT planning to install lift/tires?

    Will be leaving stock initially, but when the original tires wear out I might consider upgrade to 34's. My current JKU has a 2.5" Teraflex lift and 33's and it actually rides better then when it was stock. I don't do any hardcore off-roading (moderate trails for hunting), but I like the look...
  4. Does anyone actually like start-stop

    We have it in our '18 Grand Cherokee Altitude and if I'm driving in bumper to bumper traffic I turn it off, otherwise it stays activated. I don't mind it but feel like there's a little too much lag time after removing foot from brake to gas pedal.
  5. No way I would order a Green Jeep. man no way

    :cwl: When I first stared to look at colors on the builder I had no interest in Mojito. But, as I patiently wait for Sting-gray, Mojito is growing on me and it's surpassed SG. My wife hates the former, but doesn't care what I do :like:............I'll be going all out, colored top and fenders!
  6. .

    My wife and I were looking at a few houses over the weekend and it's one of the first things I look at on the exterior. My last house I could not park in my garage......frustrating during the winter and the summer when door are off and it's raining.
  7. Sting Gray - Black Leather or Tan Leather

    My exact response when I hear people talk about gray vehicles with tan leather....... That being said, buy what makes you (and your family) happy.
  8. First Look - Ocean Blue JLU

    I've crossed ocean blue off my option list now, just too dark of a blue for me. Mojito and sting-gray are the last two standing and I'm feeling bold this time around and may go with the former.
  9. Are the Ocean Blue Rubis out in the wild yet?

    Gorgeous! :like: I have a '12 JKU Cosmos Blue and it's my favorite color to date, especially when you accent with black like I (and you) did. I'm afraid the ocean blue will be too dark for MY liking, but we'll find out soon enough.
  10. Who else is in the "I'm waiting until the 2nd model year to buy but it's really hard to wait" club?

    I'm waiting until I see some feedback on the 2.0, see sting gray, ocean blue, and mojito on the lots to compare. Might even wait until the diesel comes out. I have a 2012 JKU that I love and see no reason to rush. I kind of chuckle when I see guys who have '14-'17 wranglers and are getting...
  11. Depreciation...?

    While I agree there should have been a price increase from the JK due to the advanced technology/improvements, the fact of the matter is the JK was slightly overpriced. But, I don't blame the men/women in suits for their pricing practice because the demand is there and people are willing to...
  12. Ocean Blue and Punk'n Ordering is now Open!

    Although a lighter blue is my favorite color on Wranglers (Cosmos, Chief blue), the more I look at Ocean Blue the more it's grown on me. Still waiting for Sting Gray to make my final decision.
  13. Driving your JL with a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon)

    Carry my M&P Shield IWB @ 4 o'clock position at all times while in vehicle. I just like having it secured and yet readily available on my person.
  14. Must have’s on new JLU Rubicon

    1. Auto - travel in and out of PGH makes a manual a PIA 2. Cold weather group - necessity living in PA 3. 3-piece colored top - just personal preference 4. Body colored fenders - this look is growing on me 5. 8.4" touch screen - have this in our GC, very nice 6. Remote proximity keyless...
  15. I give you Sting-Gray!

    If sting-gray is truly destroyer gray, then I'm all in on the former. I'm in no rush, so have no problem waiting. I'd rather wait and get what I want then compromise and regret later. I guess it also helps that I'm also unimpressed with the other offerings.....
  16. Getting rid of the old vehicle

    My wife and I were looking at a 2018 Jeep GC Altitude and inquired about trading in her 2013 Mazda CX5. KBB private sale was around 14K and local dealer offered 4K. I immediately said no and walked out. I was willing to go as low as 10K to not deal with selling privately. It all worked out...
  17. Painted fenders or not?

    That is pure sexiness, brother! The exact color scheme and model I'll be eventually getting. :clap:
  18. Painted fenders or not?

    I was all for body colored fenders with matching top when I was doing my build. But after doing a side-by-side comparison with non-painted fenders and body colored top I think I like the latter better. Especially when I put on black/matte wheels. It's a subjective discussion so get what you...