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  1. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    Holy smokes. Thank you all for the responses. I have only a few stoves left on this run. Full disclosure, I am not Sure I can make the numbers work again in this environment. Steel has doubled in the last few months. I am working on tweaking processes and design to still fit within the...
  2. Fist Look at Gecko JL Wrangler

    Would like it better with black flairs and black top. Body colored is a bit too much.
  3. what causes an active regen to stop prematurely?

    She drives 5 miles and 13 minutes. I am thinking the diesel DPF may be an issue. I hate that. I want the diesel.
  4. what causes an active regen to stop prematurely?

    For those of you using ScanGauges and can tell the soot percentage, how quickly is the DPF filling up? My wife drives our JL and has a 10 minute commute, I want the diesel real bad, but am thinking her commute will mess with the DPF too badly. I get the highway speed thing, I have a diesel...
  5. What made you jump in the Wrangler bandwagon?

    My first car given to me by my parents was a Golf. Tried to kill that thing so they would get me a Jeep....... couldn’t do it. Great car!
  6. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    Turbos are great for Colorado. Had a 2.7L Exoboost in an F150. Towed a 6000 lb camper up over the hills in Colorado. Going down is why I traded for an F250.
  7. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    Damn. These look good. May have to consider for 2022.
  8. What made you jump in the Wrangler bandwagon?

    I have a problem. Have my wife three choices for a vehicle based upon how the depreciate in Colorado. Tacoma, Subaru Outback and Wrangler. She picked Wrangler and says she will never have a different car. Wrangler for life now.
  9. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    Got it. I wasn’t thinking about driving to top of those peaks. I was thinking about Jeep trails. My B. Mosquito is outside my window currently and is the highest road in the continental US. 13,185. 3.6L did great and it drives us all over the hills of Colorado and has not had issue. 2.0...
  10. When is the best time to place a special order for the upcoming model year

    Best time to order is early. There is a huge microchip shortage in the world today and the auto manufacturers can’t build as many cars as they want/need too. I am in the auto fleet business and I will be ordering my 2022, to replace the 2019, as soon as the build sheets drop.
  11. Which engine for Colorado passes?

    Whe Where did you find 13,600? I am intrigued!
  12. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    I have 25 stoves left. I have dropped order to delivery times down to 2-3 weeks. I have some work to do on the skotttle discs but the stoves are ready to go. To that point, I am selling the stoves without the discs. JL Forum price is $155 for just the stove. take care, Geoff
  13. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    Hey all. So cool and so appreciated. I have sold 5 of the next batch. That batch is being dropped off at Powder Coat on Monday the 12th. I appreciate you all, the interest and support. $215, no tax :giggle:seems to work for all. Geoff CampOverland
  14. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    That is about right to Tennessee. Total would be about $275 shipped to you. Shipping costs vary across the country. The stove, burner and Skottle weigh about 25 lbs so they are not light. Goal being a very long and trouble free life. take care, geoff CampOverland
  15. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    Thanks for the feedback. I can totally appreciate that. I was pretty comfortable at $215, and then the price of steel doubled and there was a $10 per disc increase as well. I am happy to go back to the 215 for JL forum members, but we will have to do the transaction outside of Etsy so that I...
  16. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    Alright JL FORUMS! Thanks again for the interest. I am ready to release the next 32. I have activated the add on ETSY My plan is to deliver in April, but have built some fluff into the schedule I have put on the listing. I am making progress. take care, geoff...
  17. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    Thanks for the interest guys. Here is a picture of it broken down on the back of my JL. The burner does a great job of boiling water. 10,000 BTU’s makes quick work of a percolator. I am hoping to mail down my schedule for the next 32 this weekend. I have the welding t
  18. Colorado Skottle and Camp Stove

    Hello JL Forums. I recently sold out of my last batch of stoves but I am working on 32 more. I have all the major components ordered or in hand. I will let you all know when I can nail down my schedule and better estimate some delivery times. I am definitely anticipating April delivery, just...