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  1. New sound system!

    There are couple of plugs, but if my memory recalls correctly, it can only go in one place. If this is your first install I would recommend having someone help you.
  2. New sound system!

    Its a 2 prong connection behind the glove box. It comes with a proprietary plug that can only go in one way.
  3. New sound system!

    Yes, the Hardest part is wire placement. There is very little room and wire planning and tidiness is a must.
  4. New sound system!

    Yes, that's why I wanted to show exactly what I purchased and It works great!
  5. New sound system!

    Got it all installed with backup camera working.
  6. New sound system!

    Ok, I got everything to work. I even got the backup cam to work with an aftermarket device. Problem is the wires are to bulky to get it to fit. I will need to shorten the wires and get rid of unnecessary cables. Very tight area to work with.
  7. New sound system!

    Here is what I found on Crutchfield. It comes on Wednesday and I will let you know how it goes. Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX 1 $595.00 MasterSheet Installation Instructions MasterSheet Installation Instructions Your MasterSheet™ is attached to this email. 1 $0.00 Metra 107-CH3B Dash Kit (Matte...
  8. New sound system!

    What kind of wiring kit did you use? Are you having any issues or missing features besides the backup camera? Also, where you able to keep steering wheel controls?
  9. 2018+ Jeep Wrangler JL 12-inch Infotainment System Upgrade

    These radios are garbage. I bought one and took it out a week later. Was buggy, locked up, wifi was extremely slow and that's what it relied on. Waste of money....Looked great though.
  10. 7” to 8.4” Upgrade Issues/Help

    Can the relearn procedure be why my 5" uconnect won't detect the compass and satellite radio? I traced the wires and don't see any breaks. I had the 5" removed for about 3 weeks while I tested out and android radio.
  11. Help needed with Satellite antenna.

    I tested out an android radio (non satellite) didn't like it and went back to my old 5" uconnect. The satellite radio and compass do not get a signal anymore. I traced the wires all the way to the antenna and do not see any breaks or bad connections. I get an acquiring signal message. Any ideas...
  12. Upgrading knee speakers. Dash removal?

    I put in an aftermarket android radio as well. Has a bundle of wires that I had to tidy up.
  13. Seicane 9” head unit

    No... Nothing that I have came across. I am actually not liking all the features it has. I went from playing with my phone to playing with the radio. It's a tablet that receives radio. May go back to my 5" uconnect this week.
  14. Seicane 9” head unit

    Everything works as it should. It came with all cables necessary.
  15. Upgrading knee speakers. Dash removal?

    I have searched through the forums and have not found anyone explaining how to swap out the knee speakers. Do I have to remove the whole dash?
  16. Trunk option for 2018 2 door wrangler JL?

    Your fabrication is awesome. You should sell it. Still can't find anything like it.
  17. Linkswell JL radio.

    Cam works great. I don't have factory sub. This radio has 6 channel preamp. Will be building my own sub and upgrading speakers.
  18. Seicane 9” head unit

    $800, and yes all controls and cam works. Has audio and video in/outputs. 6 channel preamps. It's pretty much an android tablet. Requires wifi to use apps if you don't want to use CarPlay or android auto. It's just a little cumbersome to use while driving. OH, no Sirius radio you have to use the...