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  1. Rigid Ignite Backup Lights

    That's slick!
  2. Looking for 20" hood light bar mounts.

    Correct, in that the JL and JK hoods are not the same, at least in the hood hinge spacing. Though I do have it on good authority that Rigid is making a mount similar to the 20" Adapt mount, but for standard lightbars.
  3. Rubi Steel Bumper LED vs Sahara LED? Bracket needed?

    Just for everyone's future reference, on the left is the Sport/Sport S fog light, and on the RH is the Sahara/Rubicon without the steel bumper. Same fog assembly itself, different brackets. Steel bumper LED fogs are above in the previous post, obviously. Fog light engine does not remove on that...
  4. Baja vs KC vs Rigid LED AUX Lighting

    That's going to change before too long. Hang tight for the next few weeks. :)
  5. Backup Lights

    Looks great, nice wide pattern for sure. Just an FYI, there is a drop bracket that will flip the D-Series and D-SS right side up.
  6. Backup Lights

    That's way cool Sprint7, I like it! Very clean and subtle, while retaining use of the reflector.
  7. Is anybody running the Rigid Ind. cowl light pod brackets?

    Just a note. It's been on my list for too long, so I took action and designed one that I like. Got it quoted, and I can release it at a cost I see being reasonable (for 6061 billet machined parts), so I'll order prototypes next week and have working samples very soon. P/N 41656. I see...
  8. Is anybody running the Rigid Ind. cowl light pod brackets?

    Sorry, working on it. Haven't figured out something slick with a balance of function and form. I'm getting a lot of pressure to do so, so I'll have to get moving. As far as the 4" and 3" cube mixing, the tab widths are different so they won't work on the Artec mounts, but they will work on the...
  9. Holy... Dual Rigid Side Shooter Spots on A-Pillar

    To answer the above questions, since I have both D-XL's and D-SS's within reach, they aren't the same bolt pattern and won't bolt onto the Artec mounts. The D-SS brackets go within the light, while the D-XL brackets bolt to the outside of the light, and require a much wider span, if that makes...
  10. Which A-Pillar Cube mount?

    Gotcha! I'm going to hop onto these and some other JL stuff when I finish my next launch sometime December!
  11. Which A-Pillar Cube mount?

    You mean these?
  12. Inside the windshield LED's?

    Not available, just a one-off job for that Nacho concept. I don't think you'll see a widely available aftermarket solution for liability reasons. If you lost a mount, and it falls onto your dash/steering wheel while driving, that could be bad. Likewise, if you get into an accident and your head...
  13. Is anybody running the Rigid Ind. cowl light pod brackets?

    Yes, they were designed to allow for windshield fold-down functionality with up to 2 pairs of cube lights with the stands placed in the furthest outer slot adjustments.
  14. Cube mounting Light

    The Rigid adjustable cowl 41656 kit? For now it does not. I've got an idea going to make an additional mount base to allow side to side adjustability in an upcoming next round of JL mounts. The 41659 windshield mount allows for side to side movement, but for only one set of lights, and no...
  15. Is anybody running the Rigid Ind. cowl light pod brackets?

    Working on a solution for that now. Don't know what I can post on these since I don't know the forum rules, but since someone else brought them up... I'm the designer of this system.
  16. Quick release A pillar LED cubes

    Next week you won't have to choose between having one or the other. I'm new here, and haven't found the full forum rules, so that's all I'll say for now.
  17. LED Fog Light bolt pattern?

    In my research, I've encountered 3 different foglight mounting patterns on the JL. The base Sport bumper, which has two ears going outside of the light on either side... one with 2 holes, the other with 1... with chintzy self tapping screws that go into the plastic of the bumper (and are easily...
  18. Cowl lights w/o sacrificing windshield?

    I do have some coming up that will allow adjustable positioning of up to 4 cube lights while allowing windshield functionality, but not really sure what the rules are here of a non-sponsor posting anything. I guess all I can say is to look up the Dana/Spicer 44 and 60 JL's.
  19. Jeep JL LED cowl mount ideas

    Looks good, nice and simple. It's definitely tricky on these JL's from what I've learned. I've got some adjustable cowl mount plates coming out soon that will allow 2, 4, or 6 cube lights to be mounted (4 with windshield fold down), but I'm not sure what's allowed without violating forum rules...