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  1. Racechip piggyback tuner for 2.0 JL

    Looking forward to a real custom ecu tune with performance parts like downpipe etc.. Will likely sell this when the day comes.
  2. Racechip piggyback tuner for 2.0 JL

    Definitely not a scam, there are tons of customer generated racechip videos on YouTube with proof of performance gains. They have a tune for just about every vehicle with a turbo from Hyundai to Porsche. I'm in no way affiliated, just happy to see that this is finally out for our jeep turbo.
  3. Racechip piggyback tuner for 2.0 JL

    Installed this Tuesday morning. Very simple install just took a few minutes. I did accidentally break off the plastic lock on the boost sensor. I just plugged it in tight and taped it up until I get a new one. No problems here but the manual says if you do have problems you can call support...
  4. Superchips 2.0L Turbo Tune Development & Feedback

    Can you add a feature to fix the throttle lag on the 2.0? Throttle seems to be very slow to open regardless of driver input.
  5. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Maybe we could request a feature to eliminate throttle lag on one of the ecu tuner devices I keep hearing about on this forum. I’d gladly buy whichever one gets it.
  6. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Thanks for the tip, definitely picking one up.
  7. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    Loving the 2.0 so far. I have close to 2000 miles on it with 0 issues. One thing I don’t like... FCA has set the throttle to open rediculously slow. Step on the pedal and it takes a while for the throttle to open. I think a lot of people have mistaken this for turbo lag. I’ve driven a lot...
  8. Must do preventative maintenance on a NEW JL

    Pop the hood, they’re in the black box right behind the battery. I could see that they weren’t pressed down all the way and when pressed firmly they clicked and were flush.
  9. Must do preventative maintenance on a NEW JL

    My JLUR 2.0 has been perfect so far @ around 1500 miles. I did check my fuses and not a single one of the larger fuses were fully seated.
  10. 2.0 stock JLUR 35 mile trip to work at 27.6 mpg

    No way I’ll ever drive that conservatively for a whole tank to test it. I coasted when possible, accelerated very slowly and drove 15 mph slower than everyone else. I usually have a lead foot and get around 20 according to the cpu. I like to know the limits of my vehicles, did the same thing...
  11. For those with Bright White and color matching top..

    It’ll be fine as soon as you lower the tire pressure. Mine felt like it wandered pretty bad on the highway until I let some air out. Now it drives great.
  12. 2.0 stock JLUR 35 mile trip to work at 27.6 mpg

    I have been averaging around 20 mpg for my commute to work. 35 miles from Rowan county to uptown Charlotte mostly flat i85 and i77. Traffic runs 70 to 75 mph most of the way. Today I set my cruise to 60 and was really light on the accelerator in town to see what was possible. Trip average...