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  1. Return of Steering Challenges

    What I am trying to point out is that changing tires and/or wheels - not just lift kits and control arms - can adversely affect steering geometry. It’s true for all vehicles with modern, 3-trim-axis Ackermann steering. The JL is no exception.
  2. Return of Steering Challenges

    Touché - I should have said it affects the effective camber. As you said, the actual camber angle doesn’t change - which makes this effect hard to see and measure. To maintain the factory scrub radius (effective of camber angle) tire height and wheel offset have to maintain the right ratio.
  3. Return of Steering Challenges

    I understand it very well. The two measurements are not interchangeable - they are related. Camber is used to create a desired scrub radius for a given wheel and tire diameter - the “factory” design. When you change tire diameter and/or wheel offset you alter that scrub radius - which changes...
  4. Return of Steering Challenges

    It does not change the camber angle - it changes the contact patch location on the road. Read the link I posted.
  5. Return of Steering Challenges

    You “adjust” it with relation of tire diameter vs wheel offset. For example, 33” tires on 10” rims produces more scrub radius (positive camber) than 35” tires on 8” rims with same backspacing. Just pointing out that it’s a factor in steering response. It’s rarely discussed because many aren’t...
  6. Return of Steering Challenges

    There is another steering geometry variable that I rarely see discussed and that is “camber”. Camber is the point at which the centerline of the tire contacts the road vs the vertical angle of the steering knuckle king pin...
  7. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    Do you know much about law? Google "deliberate ignorance". And YOU don't get it. Jeeps are not just sold to just the physically strong and experienced - they are sold to the entire car buying population. If there is a know issue it needs to be seriously addressed and not just brushed off as...
  8. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    I feel better claiming it's a problem than I do with you claiming it's not. As far as substantiating my claim, you can read through this forum, any of those 775,000 web posts I mentioned or this lawsuit...
  9. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    Still haven't answered my question - why are YOU here talking about this "non-problem"?
  10. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    #1) I didn't suggest banning all solid front axles vehicles #2) Again, if it's not a big deal then why are there 3/4 million webpages talking about it?
  11. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    So are you saying there is an acceptable number? Again, why are YOU here talking about it?
  12. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    I drove a solid front axle pickup truck for 20 years. Never once experienced any sort of "death wobble".
  13. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    How would we know? Do we ask the dead people what caused them to crash? I didn't come up with this term - 775,000 webpages refer to it as "death wobble". There are numerous threads and 15,000+ views of the subject on this forum alone. Why are YOU here talking about it if it's no big deal?
  14. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    Then how did it get labeled "death wobble"? Why don't they just call it "wheel shimmy"? Because there's a BIG difference between the two! "Death wobble" is caused by an unstable system.
  15. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    Yes, I am aware of that - but how many people who buy these vehicles are? Unsuspecting Sally gets one for her birthday, experiences death wobble on the freeway, panics and crashes. THAT is the issue. Maybe YOU can handle it but not everyone else can. If the problem has been around a "very...
  16. Steering Damper replacement recall - successful?

    Where you should "go from there" is to your nearest lawyer! Did the dealer provide a loaner car or are you paying for a vehicle you can't use while they tinker with it? How many wrecks and/or deaths have to occur before FCA is forced to fix this problem - and why is the NHTSA still allowing...
  17. How much steering play does your JL have?

    I have driven my son's 2019 4DR Wrangler JL several times since he bought it and every time I feel "uneasy" in the thing - like it's not doing what I'm telling it to. I noticed it felt odd the first time I pulled away from the curb - almost like the truck has NEGATIVE caster. It is hard to...