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  1. Is it just me or the proportions on the 2 door JL seem off?

    It’s you! The lines flow well on the JL. The tj lines are weird! It’s a boxy jeep but yet there is a rounded spot on the doors. To me that looks off. and not hating the tj, as a tj is what got me into jeeps
  2. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    Nope! Only think I regret are some options
  3. Factory Half Door Installation Video For JL / JLU / JT

    Upper look like crap! Should have gone with classic one window on the fronts
  4. Topless Drivers

    I hate how the top fold down! Looks too much of a mess. So I’m more in safari mode with no doors. Plus it keeps shade for my fur babies. Ps: if I do go topless, I take my softop completely off the jeep
  5. AEV Snorkel installed

    Nice! Anymore pics? Are you using the standard mounting bracket or the optional a-piller bracket?
  6. Would you trade JL for JT?

    I inquired about trading in my 18’ JLR for money wise, it was not worth it (what my payments would have been). And now my jeep is paid off, I would love to. But not having a payment is feeling good now. So it’s a tough one
  7. Let us hear that you want Core Doors!

    I just want half doors! So price is my determing factor
  8. Connecticut Soft top Mopar stock for JL 2-doors Black

    First thing is, I hate that us 2 doors can not get duel top for the JL :( yes sailcloth is still a good top, and beenbon jeeps for a very long time. As for black twill! It’s a deeper/darker black, material is thicker (they say). But because of the type of the material it’s easier to fold down...
  9. Connecticut Soft top Mopar stock for JL 2-doors Black

    Sailcloth. (Underside is a white/grey on sailcloth). And twill is black on both sides
  10. Florida Mopar Beadlock Wheels

    Wtf! I sent a message for a reply and it’s not showing now..... What black lug nuts you use for those rims?
  11. Ontario to Utah and Arizona. Write up and Pics.

    Awesome! And hello from Cambridge ON
  12. Mopar Beadlocks Installed

    How wide were the wheel spacers you used?
  13. Show the stickers / decals you've added to your Jeep Wrangler JL

    Lucky you seeing them in a small venue! I am jealous lol