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  1. Fitting 18x10 on JLU Sahara

    Those are 35” equivalent tires and you will probably have contact issues with your fenders unless you install a lift kit. I just installed the $199 RC 2.5” lift kit on my Sahara and everything is great with my new 35” setup. Here is a link to my new rig I just posted over the weekend...
  2. New 35” Atturo Trailblade XT on Method Wheels set up

    Thought I would add some sunny day pics today with the hardtop off to see it in beach mode. Very happy with how my wheel/tire research turned out. The ride is not harsh on the 35” Atturos, a little bit louder than the stock Goodyears but my wife didn’t even notice the slight hum until I pointed...
  3. JL Rubicon on Method Wheels...let's see em!

    My new setup Method 308 0 offset with Atturo 35x12.5x17 Trailblade XT
  4. New 35” Atturo Trailblade XT on Method Wheels set up

    I went with Atturo Traiblade XT because the published specs indicated they were the lightest AT MT hybrids on the market that I could find that also looked good. I think the understated Method wheels look great with the Sting Grey. The 35” inches fit great with the RC 2.5” lift. can’t wait for...
  5. C rated 35” AT list please!?!?!?

    There is definitely a sweet spot in the market for more C rated 35” or 315 tires. Makes me wonder why manufacturers ignore this market when a lot of 35” buyers are doing it for the mall rubicon and never go on any sort of dirt patch.
  6. Fuel shok 17×9 Patagonia 37x12.5 I love the look!

    Considering the Shok setup for my Sting Grey JLU.... anyone know whether the flat Black or the Anthracite Shok wheel would look better?
  7. I too forgot to turn off the engine.....

    That Tesla Dog Mode feature was rolled out a few months ago in a over the air software update. I have a Model 3 Long Range I bought last summer and since then Tesla has rolled out numerous updates like Dog Mode and Sentry Mode. The car’s UI has changed a bit since with the cameras detecting what...
  8. Jeep Wrangler February 2019 Sales Figure

    Someone please prepare the coffin for the Chrysler brand.
  9. HOV Lane

    No. You need a sticker from the city/state and they have a list of qualifying vehicles they update regularly. I can assure you a 18-19 “hybrid” Wrangler is not on any such list.
  10. Terrible 2.0 gas mileage?

    Anyone who gets a Wrangler (or Benz G-Wagon, or any other square box on wheels) for the fuel economy is barking up the wrong tree. With that being said 60-65mph seems to be the sweet spot for a Wrangler in regards to speed/mpg tradeoffs. If mpg is more important than other factors perhaps a...
  11. Poor Gas Milage 2.0L eTorque (BSG) mild hybrid system.

    18.3 mpg Sahara 2.0 stock. Not great, but traffic here in Fairfield County sucks. For comparison, my Audi Q7 v8 was rated at 14mpg City 21Hiway and in real life around here was 11.5mpg. So the 2.0L Wrangler in definitely an improvement in that area -apples to oranges comparison I know.
  12. Solution for squeaky brakes?

    Italian tune-up your brakes. Modern pad material can build up residue on the rotors. Hitting your brakes hard from 40mph or so a few times might clear it up.
  13. Wipers died

    Make sure all of your fuses and relays are seated under the hood. Some people have reported bad fuse seating from the factory.
  14. e/Torque and 48V battery warranty question?

    The price od lithium is likely to be going down as new sources are coming online. Itvis cooper and other materials that are more of a concern.
  15. Anyone have 2.0 Turbo regret?

    That’s like me with my Audi S4 (supercharged 6 cyl) that only got 17mpg around my place here in CT. Terrible traffic and lights. My 2.0T JL get 19.5 currently- not bad for a brick compared to the sleek Audi. BTW I sold the Audi and got a Tesla Model 3 Long Range 2wd for the mileage- 130mpg-e...
  16. Anyone make an Intake for the 2.0 yet?

    I’ll be looking at Stage II Turbo upgrades when my warranty runs out. Up until then, stock 2.0L is really good. Best engine ever put in a Wrangler.
  17. Jeep JL fire issue from 2.0L Turbo 4 fixed with cloth heat shield over battery

    I’m sorry, but that metal “cloth” only covers what seems to be a single connection point at the front of the battery. 95% of the battery itself is open and only covered by the metal cage armor. I will admit fault in not recognizing the metal cloth over the connection point since I merely glanced...
  18. Jeep JL fire issue from 2.0L Turbo 4 fixed with cloth heat shield over battery

    Off topic, but Tesla reported pretty much blowout sales numbers with the Model 3 becoming one of the best selling cars in the USA. As with the Wranglers also filling lots, delivery issues with trucking and train cars...
  19. Jeep JL fire issue from 2.0L Turbo 4 fixed with cloth heat shield over battery

    1000 miles on my 2.0L Turbo. Zero CEL. Zero hiccups. 1000 miles of smiles everytime I step on the gas. No hesitiation from a stop light using the ESS with this BSG system. Take my first hand knowledge for what it is. Also, there is no "Cloth battery shield" anywhere near the 48v battery...
  20. New Rubicon 2.0 CEL

    That doesn’t make any sense. An open connection like that would have defintely thrown an EVAP code long before hundreds of miles. Are you sure that someone wasn’t poking around in the engine area or perhaps some prankster wasn’t messing around?