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  1. Rear diff oil

    Thanks all. It does seem crazy easy to do actually. I am not mechanically inclined at all but used to change my own oil on my motorcycle so this shouldn’t be an issue. The only confusing thing is figuring out what axel I have and what weight fluid to use and if I should have the additive added...
  2. Rear diff oil

    Based only on research it seems that since I have a rubicon I have tru loc. Thus, I don’t need the additive. Does this make sense? Also looks like I need 75w85 based on online manuals I read. I should note I have the tow package though so read that it may be different? I got this option and...
  3. Rear diff oil

    I assume you are taking about limited slip differential? If so, I have no clue to be honest if I have that or not but sounds like I need to change out the fluids anyway.
  4. Rear diff oil

    Thank you all for the feedback. Knowing that I am pretty useless with cars mechanically in general, this is still something you would all recommend doing myself? If so, what tools and oil/additive should I be getting? Literally the only thing I’ve ever done is change the air filter as they...
  5. Rear diff oil

    Just had a service on my jlur. I am right at 15k miles and just under 2 years. The tech told me that I really need the rear diff fluids changed and they are black. I remember having this done on my old JK and was over $300. Seems ridiculous that I would need to do this again already considering...
  6. Another Windshield Question - different models?

    So I have read through everything I could find and still dont think I know what I am doing... Basically I have to get a new windshield. I have a 2018 JLUR. I keep getting asked if it has a windshield antenna, which I am almost certain that it does not. However, I didnt think any had so I am not...
  7. Back up camera issue

    Sorry for the delayed response. It basically just started working again. Every now and then it stops for a bit and then starts working again. It appears to correlate to heat and being on the very hot days in summer but that could be coincidence.
  8. Cracked Windshield Club

    Ive been driving with a broken windshield for a while waiting for prices to get reasonable. I am confused how you all are getting some of the prices you are from safelite as I was just on the phone with them and apparently the state I am in is one of the lowest (so they say) but for the DW02415...
  9. Cracked Windshield Club

    Who did this for you? Seems like a good price.
  10. So what are the hidden options you get when you upgrade? I.e. Infotainment gets better windshield...

    I know I dont get free glass on insurance and know enough about insurance (at least from what I know in LA) that any claim is seen as a claim so I always just do winshields separate. I could do a no deductible winshield option but it is an extra $50 a month! And would still be seen as a claim.
  11. So what are the hidden options you get when you upgrade? I.e. Infotainment gets better windshield...

    Does this actually make a difference? Meaning noticeably. I need a new windshield (needed one since about week 2) and was not planning on going accountic and just whatever was the cheapest.

    Damn - when did you get it? Seems like you must put a hell of a lot of miles on your cars?
  13. JLU Premium Black Soft Top Back Window Sag

    I was about to respond and say yes I have the same issue until I saw your pics. The bottom clips do not really stay for me either but I wouldn’t say they flap around and I do not have the sag in the window like you. Have you tried putting one side in and sliding to the top and then the other and...
  14. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    Did you notice the car being slow to pick turn on the screens? What I am trying to say is what I have noticed on mine is not that it doesn’t necessarily not realize I am not holding the handle but just takes 3-4 seconds for the screens to come on and then open. I dont just keep pulling at the...
  15. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    I didn’t experience any issues until the last week. It was fine for nearly two months but now it is temperamental. I am not seeing any correlation with remote starting though
  16. Keyless Enter-N-Go - Passive Entry

    Hang on - why is this the case? I have remote start and use it maybe 80% of the time.
  17. My dealer really left me hanging

    Haha, I wasn’t out to prove wrong just to understand as it sounded odd. I learned that in miss they can only give you tag for 7 days so I had a bunch of post dated tags I was supposed to keep swapping out.
  18. Opinions/Suggestions wanted on which top setup to get

    Premium soft top. That’s what I went with and couldn’t be happier. I had a 12 JK that was a hardtop. I eventually put a softop on it and then the hard top just sat in the corner of our yard pissing my wife off daily...
  19. My dealer really left me hanging

    This is what I just got from the SD DMV site. Is this not what you’re referring to: Effective July 1, 2015, vehicle owners have 45 days to apply for title and registration of an aquired vehicle. All vehicles aquired prior to July 1, 2015 must be titled and registered within 30 days. There is...
  20. My dealer really left me hanging

    I’m missing something I guess. 10 days doesn’t make sense and seems unrealistic.