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  1. New Spring Pad Option for Mopar Lift Correction

    I noticed there is a new Rock Krawler Rear Spring Correction Pad Kit being sold out there part number RK06840. Funny thing is that I could not find it at the Rock Krawler website. Could the Rock Krawler team say what are these for? Do they correct anything on MOPAR 2" lift kits? Thank you.
  2. JLU Rubicon Stock Suspension For Sale

    Available stock JL unlimited Rubicon suspension for sale in North Texas.
  3. JLU Rubicon Stock Suspension For Sale

    Any chance you could post the part numbers for all the parts? I had the dealer do the 2" MOPAR lift to my JLUR before delivery and requested the OEM parts back to me. I just realized the put in parts that do not belong to my jeep, like the included the sway bar links from a Cherokee. I'll go...