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  1. Maximus-3 JL Roof Rack System

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but can you give me the dimensions of the back rail kit? Mainly interested in the height and how far up the side of the platform it goes. Thanks!
  2. Got this in the mail today

    Ehh... Am I missing something here? Why in the world would FCA send a letter to people to sue itself..???
  3. Any Issues that require a dealership appointment?

    Sorry, but the statistic you're trying to create with that poll will be seriously flawed.....
  4. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    Judging by the decal on the rear window... I'd say he is a Star Wars fan.
  5. Anyone getting a custom vanity license plate?

    If I had a red Jeep I'd name it "Clifford"
  6. Spare too high?

    Yeah, you'll definitely want to look into extending that "stabilizer" (it's what Mopar calls it), sort of like this: Those are rubber chair/table tips from Home Depot and they work nicely.
  7. Spare too high?

    It looks a bit high but that's because you "only" have 35's and aftermarket carriers are set higher typically to accommodate for 37+ tires. Not really an issue as long as there's some sort of support/stabilizer/damper that the spare can rest on so it's not putting additional strain on the...
  8. Vehicle Recovery - Never Use a Tow Ball

    I get that using a tow ball is a bad idea, but I feel this was less of a tow ball issue than it was a janky hitch receiver that broke. I have a shackle hitch receiver for the sole purpose of recovery situations, but if the hitch itself is crap, it doesn't matter what you use..
  9. Have you ever noticed how many idiots there are?

    I shit you not. I legitimately thought a zombie apocalypse was happening for about half a second. I was really scratching my head and my friend just casually pointed out it was supposed to snow a couple inches so people are "preparing" If the news of a couple inches of snow did this.... I...
  10. Have you ever noticed how many idiots there are?

    I was in Portland a couple weeks ago. The forecast called for a couple inches of snow. I went to the grocery store with my friend to get some tomatoes. There were a few left, luckily... It didn't end up snowing...
  11. I know it's a JK, but does anyone follow?

    Madagascar, Mozambique, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia Angola, Tanzania, Gabon, parts of S. Africa, Camarooon, parts of Congo..... To name a few. Just stick to your malls yeah?
  12. I know it's a JK, but does anyone follow?

    Wow, the ignorance displayed with some of these comments.. You guys do realize there are many parts of Africa you can travel to that are rated safer than say, Italy, France, Spain, etc., right? Even in safer than parts of the US? But of course not, because ignorance. *sigh*
  13. How Can We Help?

    Aweesommee!!! Can I order a set of each size from you now?
  14. JL - 2 door diecast models (toys) now on eBAY

    Man. No Unlimited. Or Punk'n. :brokenhearted:
  15. How Can We Help?

    Hi Benny, Just wondering if there was an ETA on these? Thanks!
  16. Josh Pray Jeep Life I want a Jeep

    Hahahahaha "I drive a BMW, but they driving happiness"
  17. 6 speed manual and TBW

    When you say the RPM doesn't drop when you let off the gas, do you mean before pressing in the clutch pedal or after? And are you looking at the tach or are you listening to the engine physically not dropping RPM (by sound) or feeling like you've stopped accelerating? I ask because there may...