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  1. My Sting Gray 2021 JLUR

    Sliders done and no broken body bolts. Used a little heat and patience on the front 2. So far so good. Ordered the JL tire carrier from @Motobilt so that will be the next modification.
  2. My Sting Gray 2021 JLUR

    Got some more items installed on my Jeep finally, funds finally lined up to purchase some things, and I think spring is finally here. Installed My JCR bumper and bumper skid as well as a Warn m8000 winch (took the steel cable off and replaced it with some synthetic line from masterpull)...
  3. 2021 JLU Oil Pan / Transmission Skid Plate Availability

    Has anyone confirmed it is just the 2021 3.6 that has the changes? Is the 2021 2.0 the same as previous year? Looking to buy some skids soon and wanted to make sure I get ones that will fit. If it helps at all I can take pictures and measurements under my 2021 2.0 to verify.
  4. My Sting Gray 2021 JLUR

    Unboxed these today. Also have added a Vector Edock, JCR overhead molle panel, and a BlackVue 750x 2 ch dash cam. I have center console molle panels waiting to go on as well as a JCR lower skid that is waiting for the JCR front Crusader bumper and JCR classic rock sliders. Still trying to decide...
  5. My Sting Gray 2021 JLUR

    This has been a dream of mine for the last 16 years to own a wrangler and I've finally fulfilled that dream. I took Delivery of my brand new Wrangler December 1st 2020. I already have a few goodies ordered. I started out with a 2006 Liberty Renegade, moved up to a 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk, and...
  6. Black Friday 2020 at ACE Engineering is Live!

    My Jeep isn't eta at dealer until next week, but the excitement is killing me, tire carrier will be needed in the near future. Black Friday sales are prime time to start my build.
  7. Black Friday 2020 at ACE Engineering is Live!

    Excellent should be enough time for me to decide if I want to get yelled at for ordering a tire carrier.
  8. Black Friday 2020 at ACE Engineering is Live!

    How long will your black Friday deals be going on?
  9. SARGE GREEN Wrangler JL Club

    This right here just sold me on Sarge green, looks so damn good.
  10. Torque pro

    What kind of adapter are you using? I may still take a chance on it later this year when I get my jeep. Thanks for looking into this, much appreciated. :like:
  11. Torque pro

    Is anyone here using torque pro and a Bluetooth OBD2 reader to monitor things like Regen status and soot load? I've seen some people using the scangauge to do it but I like the looks of torque pro better.
  12. Lucky Devil - Bright White Unlimited Rubicon EcoDiesel (JLURD)

    Your installs are super clean, i applaud you. I'm going to follow your build as it's already giving me ideas for when I finally order and receive my jeep. /Golf clap