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  1. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    Much noise from the jack inside? I tossed a few wire ties around some loose parts but still seems to make noise side to side. Could not really figure out where it was coming from in/on the jack.
  2. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    Thanks, will let you know when ready.
  3. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    These AAL parts bolt right in the rear of the JL with no mods? That is also a 50 size fridge? I really like that 2 tone look.
  4. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    Thanks for the pictures as reference. I know the D/S has less room than the P/S due to the tailgate latches/locks. What model number is your ARB so I order the exact one? I took a picture of my Vector shelf. They come raw aluminum now but the brackets and the round shelf border are metal and...
  5. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    I will be getting a trailgater table also , another reason for DS mounting. What mod did the slide need ? I had measured from the bottom of rear seat to the DS tailgate is about 29 inches and under the shelf from the angled part of seat to end about 26 inches.
  6. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    Thanks for the tip. I would like a fridge and slider I can permanently mount on the driver side. I have the subwoofer on the passenger side so I think the fridge in the way would block the sound and possibly vibrate anything too close to it and make noise. Certainly open to suggestions what may...
  7. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    Thank you. I like this set up. I also like the American Adventure too. So many options hard to chose. Just want to buy once.
  8. Fridge & Slider Recommendations / Discussion

    Hello, I am interested in your slide/fridge set up. That fits into the JL with the backseat upright or does it have to be tilted? Do you have any pictures you could post of it with nothing in the tray and maybe with the fridge slide out of back? Thanks in advance. Pete
  9. Looking for my fellow Long there anybody out there?

    299.50 Filing Fee, 12.50 tires, 266 NYS reg ,75 dealers fee, 10 nysi. These things were non issue for me and did not ask what the fees were for.
  10. Looking for my fellow Long there anybody out there?

    NO, there was a usual 299 fee plus the registration and 12.50 tire fee. But no unusual fees or upcharges.
  11. Looking for my fellow Long there anybody out there?

    Lindenhurst , Ordered my JLUR from Garden City at invoice with no financing, extras or fees. 5 weeks to deliver.
  12. Wranglers a lot like Harleys

    Its only money, if you do not spend it and enjoy it, someone else will eventually haha
  13. Loose steering feels like it has play and drifts

    When I picked up my JL Rubi a few weeks back it was all over the road constantly needing correction at hwy speeds. Air pressures were at 44/45 lbs from factory, dropped them down to the recommended 37 and all issues are gone. Honestly not even feeling like you are in a Jeep with 33s. Actually...
  14. JL Order

    I had talked to customer service on Jeep chat and was told my truck was built and waiting for additional added options. What options would not be added during assembly down the production line?
  15. ORDER TRACKING for your Jeep Wrangler

    Where can you track this information? Thanks, Pete
  16. Rubicon

    Last week I went to a Jeep dealer to get a price and order a Jeep JL Rubicon. I got the price and left, went home told my wife. Went back Thursday to place the order and leave deposit unknowingly that was suppose to be last day for ordering? Anyway, I text the salesman today asking about the...
  17. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hello from Long Island. Ordered my first Jeep last week, a Sting Gray 4dr Rubicon. Dealer had said 6-10 weeks. What is usually the average time to get von and vin numbers assigned?