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  1. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Yes so I had to run the non reservoir in the front because of the diesel. However they JUST released a smaller external bypass for the diesel and you can now run the 3.3’s! You just have the buy the diesel specific versions
  2. Arizona Owners parts sale/trade thread ...

    Hey boss if you can, try to not reply to the sale thread as it pushes old posts before new posts and stuff gets overlooked. Instead just DM them! Thank you!
  3. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    sweet! getting a dealer to work with you is by far the best way to make headway. I have a great dealership helping me im just not posting lots of updates because I was taken care of so poorly by jeep cares
  4. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    no its not a off-road plus issue many of us here don't have that and we still get it. I fixed mine with the taser mini but still need Jeep and Jeepcares to stop creating cases for us then saying we stand by the tech. They can't do anything for you. You need to open a star case with a tech that...
  5. Nosey neighbor..

    It’s even more funny when the neighbors see how young you are with nice toys and automatically think you have tons of debt. I get judged all the time. But that’s because they don’t know my credit score or income or how good I am at saving. A wise man told me wealth isn’t defined by a dollar...
  6. Anyone installed the new Teraflex front trackbar...?

    My second one came in February and it’s jacked up. They say it’s on back order for over 6 weeks now.
  7. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    AGAIN the Taser Mini comes to the rescue. Those guys need to come hook up the forum for how much we promote that product here. if you're listening ill take any and all sponsorships :LOL: jk jk
  8. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    Saturday I went and did table mesa, on the first obstacle that I put it in 4LOW it grinded and made the harsh noice. I have the Taser Mini, so I then tried the "press the traction control for 5 seconds until everything is lit up and turned off". I then redid the obstacle, no grinding. no noise...
  9. Does Rubicon even use 8th gear??

    just go to menu on the dash and go to screen setup and you'll see "current gear" switch it to the "on" position that's it.
  10. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I’m running the Teraflex 3.5 kit with the falcon adjustable Shocks the falcon adjustable steering stabilizer, rock Krawler gen 2 sway bar disconnects and teraflex alpine IR control arms with a 1” spacer in the front to compensate for the diesel weight and it looks and rides like a dream. A...
  11. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    you are correct sir
  12. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    not really, this guy said I don't want maintenance, he's buying one or the other and putting them directly on his jeep. the falcons are better. I think we can go down a huge rabbit hole when it comes to this stuff, and there's better minds than mine for that lol I just try to answer the real...
  13. Fox or Falcon shocks with RK Lift

    personally I just used the rear track bar bracket they included for now. I did do a new track bar up front from teraflex, and I did the adjustable Falcon steering stabilizer. Thats just me though!
  14. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    its not when off-road plus is engaged, I don't have that neither do a couple other guys here, I do however have the dana 44 up front so I think its a d44 thing, and guys with 2020 have had the issue as well.
  15. MPG improved after adding 35s - wait what?

    im not exactly sure but if your jeep is new, a lot of jeeps need 1k-5k miles break in before reaching peak mpg performance and it might just be a timing coincidence. also, if your jeep is a diesel like mine, I went 37's and barely saw an mpg drop so 35's might just pair really well with the...
  16. 2021 40” Rubicon Diesel Build

    So this doesn’t change the point you made but my milestar Patagonia 37’s measure 36.8 inches they are ALMOST pure to size. I haven’t regeared yet for the reasons above, crawling, my stock 4low on 37’s has tons of torque and power wise, I feel like this thing is a rocket. I’m going Intake and...
  17. 2021 40” Rubicon Diesel Build

    im curious what you have that I don't that is killing your mpg so much. I mean I know I have 37's and you have 40's but I have stock gears and I've added lots of weight including heavy ass rims and im averaging (hand calc) 24.5 and I just did a 760 mile trip mostly all hills, and mostly uphill...
  18. 2021 40” Rubicon Diesel Build

    I have heavy 37's on diesel with the stock 3.73's and I can burn rubber no problem. I go up hills and it doesn't even down shift from 8th to 7th. 4.88's on his 40's will be PLENTY
  19. Installed New Teraflex 3.5" Lift w/ 37's

    yes because the motor is so much heavier, it sags and looks weird