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  1. having a little fun

    Playing in West Texas.
  2. Any feedback about Redline Lumtronix LED Headlight Bulb H13

    My opinion of them is bad. Just put them in, but will be taking them out and trying to return. My stock halogens were brighter than these bulbs.
  3. 2018 JL , LED headlights - aftermarket available?

    Wow I just installed and have the exact opposite opinion. I found them way less bright than stock and in fact my fog lights flooded out the led. Never ordered from CJpony but I hope they are good with returns.
  4. When Someone Cuts Through the Windows on my Soft Top...

    I have always left doors unlocked as well. Still had an idiot cut my windows on my softtop scout II once.
  5. Sport S vs Rubicon suspension

    I do find it stiffer. That could also be from going from the stock Michelin to TKO2
  6. Will 2018 Rubicon JLU suspension bolt up to a 2018 Sport JLU?

    I just did this, however, I paid a shop to do it. I was quoted 500 at several places (including the local 4x4 place). I knew that was crazy so some facebook advice led me to a place that did it in an hour for 150. He put it on the lift and did not even need to remove the tires. Anyway, handling...
  7. BILLET SILVER Wrangler JL Club

    Here is my Sports with recent rubicon suspension/tire upgrade
  8. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed rubicon suspension and tire take offs.
  9. What songs do you listen to in your JL?

    Dirty Heads, Slightly Stoopid and Sublime
  10. Replacing the rear view mirror stalk

    Ok, So I was trying to take off my rearview mirror in order to turn it upside down, but in the process, the stalk came out of the header. Has this happened to anybody, or anybody know the secret to replacing it?
  11. trying to reverse my rear view, but ooppss.

    So I was trying to take off my rearview and put it upside down, but the stalk came off the header. Anybody have this happen? and if so have the key to getting it back on? Thank You Sorry just realized I put this in the wrong forum.
  12. Question for those that understand leases (Texas Taxes)

    It is my understanding that in Texas the Lessor (Alley in this case) is responsible for taxes (on the full amount of the vehicle - tradein). Business being business this cost is then rolled into the captiulized cost. Is there a benefit/negative to rolling the sales tax into the vehicle agreed...
  13. JL Lease info.

    Thanks - well I should have said cap cost not price paid. I believe it is around 42000, which in texas would include tax on the ENTIRE COST of vehicle.
  14. JL Lease info.

    Ok. Here is a quote I got and I am working on figuring out good deals from the BS. So here are the numbers I have been given. SportS msrp. 43000 price paid. Dealer playing monthly payment game, but I believe it is about 42000. State. TX (My understanding is that ALL tax is rolled into...
  15. Is this a Sport or Sport S?

    I shows as Sport, but has all the Sport S options. Which is it? I did not think the Sport had any of these options.