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  1. Massachusetts (4) Spidertrax 1.75" Wheel Spacers (Used)

    I’d like to see pics if you still have these available.
  2. Fog Light wiring connector?

    I’m sorry I don’t have the part numbers. I checked out using my wife’s PayPal account and tossed the paper invoice after the install. They have 3 different sizes of parts based on the gauge of wire being used. I was working with 14 to 16 gauge so I ordered all the “medium” sized parts. All the...
  3. Fog Light wiring connector?

    Thanks, @EASaharaUJL I have some parts on the way to modify the OEM plugs to add an additional pin. I replaced the stock fogs with Rigid Radiance cubes and plan to use the stock switch for the fog LEDs and tsp into the parking lights for the amber halos. Seemed like most places had a minimum...
  4. New Jersey WTB: OEM JL Sport Front Bumper

    Lol, thought I’d check we get lots of folks from NY and NJ passing through. Good luck!
  5. New Jersey WTB: OEM JL Sport Front Bumper

    Do you ever make it to Tampa? I should have one this week.
  6. Hopkins 56210 Feedback

    Sorry, I meant rvupgradesstore.
  7. Hopkins 56210 Feedback

    I’ve only seen this part available from rvsupperstore. They’ve been out of stock for a while now. Anyone else know of another retailer?
  8. Best Trail Bottle Jack - Rubicon JL

    I have these on my radar:
  9. Flat towing or Trailer?

    Flat tow for sure. It’s so easy to hook up and disconnect. No extra expenses for the trailer, storage, plates, etc. And I’ve heard it’s a pain to store the trailer went you get to your destination.
  10. Front Closure Panel Mod and Air Dam Removal

    Looks much better! Great job on the cuts. Did you use a Dremel?
  11. Flash Giveaway: Front and Rear Control Arm Skids by Rock Hard 4x4

    "SuperbowlSchmuperbowl, I want Rock Hard 4x4 Control Arm Skids! " 2020 Gladiator
  12. Georgia Jeep Trail Rated Kit by Warn

    Good luck with your sale. I got one of these with a Big Bear edition JK I bought a few years ago. It’s a really nice kit!