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  1. Whats coming in 2022?

    I bought the Rubicon because I like the look and stance of it over the other models. If I made the modifications myself, it wouldn’t have the warranty, and I didn’t feel like it would hold its value as well. All said, I wish I lived in a place like Utah or Colorado where I could use the options...
  2. Train Horn Yay or Nay?

    An air horn was one of the first things my 16 yr old son put on the wrangler. He said he blew it at school, and everyone stared at him. They didn’t think it was funny, and I explained that people don’t like obnoxious. Especially 16 year olds driving dad’s new car. He STILL blows it every once...
  3. Picked Up My 392 Yesterday!

    I would totally love to see a video of it catching air!!!
  4. Oracle Led Reverse Light

    I will second this. I installed Oracle’s backup and sidetrack lights. It was a real pain to get the included T-taps to pierce the insulation and make a connection. I’ll never use T-taps again.
  5. Mopar Doors-off Mirror Kit announced for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator

    I assume you added the round wide angle mirrors? Mine didn’t come with those.
  6. Mopar Doors-off Mirror Kit announced for Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator

    Here is a photo of the door-off mirror (driver side) compared to the mirror that is on the door (passenger).
  7. Doors Off Mirror Options (EMP or Mopar?)

    I like the OEM style, so I went with them. Once we do it a few times, I expect it to only take a couple of minutes to install. The photos show the door off (driver side) compared to door on (passenger).
  8. Broken windshield while in dealer possession. Who replaces it?

    Ask to speak to the service manager, and tell them you want to look at the security cameras with them when you brought it in. If you want to be nice, tell them you’ll turn it into insurance , and see if they will cover your deductible.

    One more thing - buy a roll of 3M paint protection film and have it on hand to cover up your door hinges on day one.

    Go to the Jeep website and fill out “Mail me a Brochure.” You could be one of the lucky ones to get a $1,000 discount emailed to you in time before delivery.
  11. Difficult Choices

    What did you end up getting?
  12. Little Gap between the Seats that Leads to Another Universe

    Count me as another person that is really cheap, and doesn’t buy into the “as seen on TV”, but all of my vehicles have the Seat Gap Filler. Seat Gap Ffiller
  13. Red Dot on Tires

    What’s interesting is that the valve stems from the factory aren’t located at the reddots. There is a white chalk mark at the stem location.
  14. Picked her up today!

    It’s hard to tell the exact color, but I really like the red rubicon accents with the darker grays and silvers.
  15. Red Dot on Tires

    I’m reading that the red dot on the factory tires is used to balance them. Can anyone confirm that it is actually used by the technicians? I’m pretty close to putting a magic eraser to them tomorrow. I went old school with raised white letters and those dots are killing me. Thanks!
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I may be able to help. Last week our day old Jeep had some shifter problems and was showing check engine lights/shifter errors. There was one connector completely disconnected under the shifter bezel and two that weren’t completely seated. I hope your fix is that simple. Good luck!
  17. How long to get brochure and coupon

    I just received an email today with a $1,000 rebate to be used at time of delivery. Unfortunately it is 2 weeks too late for me. I never did receive a brochure. Here are the limitations: 1. Valid toward the purchase or lease of new and unused 2020 and 2021 (excluding Grand Cherokee...
  18. DIY Cargo Cover

    Nice job!