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  1. All weather floor mats, drain sticking up?

    Yes, I just kept the floor plugs installed, inserted another pair in the mats, and cut the drain protrusions off with a hacksaw. Based on internet research and advice from others, the mat/floor drain system is great in theory, but not necessarily in practice. Should have just bought the...
  2. Door nets recommendations?

    Anyone try these yet? Front & Rear Door Pocket Storage Box Organizer for Jeep Wrangler JL 2018+ 4Door | eBay I haven't purchased them because I only like the design of the rear door pockets. I only have a 2 door, so still looking for a solution.
  3. RokBlokz and Fender Gap

    Thanks, Caleb...that's great feedback. Installing the front flaps is obviously a must, but not sure the rears are worth it. I'm only using these for off-road use, so not worried about aesthetics, and don't expect to have any other vehicles close behind me. As such, is there any real benefit...
  4. RokBlokz and Fender Gap

    I recently purchased a 2-door Sport with standard all-terrain tires/rims combo and heavy-duty rock sliders. After applying 3M protective film to the door hinges, I thought it might be worth the extra level of protection to also install a set of RokBlokz mud flaps (front only). While this will...
  5. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Oh...and here's another one just for fun. Nice that the artist paid homage to us Jeepers. Oh...and if you couldn't guess, we really didn't crawl over those rocks! ;)
  6. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Escaping dinos in the SoCal desert:
  7. Karr Alarm

    Thanks, power locks here either.
  8. Karr Alarm

    Thanks for the very helpful info, especially since I still have time to decline the alarm activation. Since I often go doorless, I didn't even bother with keyless entry, and therefore shouldn't have the stock alarm as you mentioned.
  9. Karr Alarm

    The dealer advised that there is no other alarm system that comes standard, and they don't install them at the dealership. Starting to think that we are both referring to the same thing, and the alarm is just manufactured by Karr for FCA, just like Bestop manufactures soft tops for FCA. Since...
  10. Karr Alarm

    OK...perhaps it's a regional thing then, because this was installed on every Wrangler in the dealership. There have also been many cases discussed in this forum where people didn't even know it was installed on their vehicle until they later noticed an oddball plug or wire. May be worth...
  11. Karr Alarm

    It is already fact I believe these alarms/trackers exist on all new Wranglers to prevent theft from the dealer lot. Unless customers want the alarm to be functional, the dealer merely disables it, although I believe the tracking function remains on. So in was...
  12. Karr Alarm

    So....this alarm was offered to me at time of sale, and will be activated in my new JL tomorrow. Although I have seen/heard a lot of bad press about alarms/trackers offered by the dealership, I decided to proceed anyway because: -I don't owe anything on my new Wrangler, so not concerned about...
  13. Rivet Gun for Bolt Hood Lock

    I had considered this too, but wasn't sure if there would be enough clearance under the mounting point to fit a wrench extension. Might just go this route if it's easier than riveting. Thanks for the recommendation.
  14. Rivet Gun for Bolt Hood Lock

    Look like that's the most popular one, and my local HF has it in stock right now. Much appreciated!
  15. JL Hood Lock Bolt Vs MOPAR

    Having looked at numerous videos on the installation process, I don't think you can avoid removing the grill. You shouldn't have to remove the bumper, but I can't speculate on whether your winch will get in the way. Regardless, the grill removal process looks pretty easy...just remove the six...
  16. Rivet Gun for Bolt Hood Lock

    Thanks! I saw this on one of the how-to videos, but couldn't tell which model it was. Super helpful, and really appreciate the recommendation.
  17. Rivet Gun for Bolt Hood Lock

    I am preparing to buy a Bolt hood lock for my JL, but noticed that not all rivet guns can handle the hefty rivets that come with the kit. In some online videos, people even had to use a hydro-pneumatic gun, which seems like overkill. I don't have much riveting experience, so just looking for...
  18. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    Thanks, Gary...I considered starting with the Rubicon sliders too, but their profile is much different than the heavy-duty sliders. Better to just trace and cut from scratch. However, I'm hoping that the alternate installation instructions I linked above, will work in this situation. Seems...
  19. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    Unfortunately, they do not, and I verified this by speaking with RokBlokz directly. Look closely...these are not the Rubicon sliders. They are MOPAR's heavy duty rock sliders with step assist, as Mike mentioned above. Much different shape, unfortunately. That said...if you are seeing...
  20. Mudflaps and Rubicon Flares?

    I own a 2-door Sport with the same rock sliders, and it looks like they protrude into the wheel well as much as yours do. I discussed with RokBlokz directly last week, but they do not make cut-outs for these sliders, even though they are a MOPAR factory option. Unless someone has figured...