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  1. JL FOB Holsters

    That just might tempt me into buying my third fob holster from you.
  2. Vehicle Specific Solar System - JL/Gladiator Rubicon Hood Solar Panel - Starting at $199

    Help me translate 30W of power into a practical use case.
  3. Bolt J Mount Driver’s side for JLU?

    I believe Go Rhino have what you're looking for. Saw it in the latest spam from Quadratec.
  4. Redline Tuning Hood Struts - 5 minute Bolt-In installation!

    I just put mine on. The little brackets for the hood are ingenious--but fiddly for people like me with hobbit fingers. So, it ended up taking more than five minutes, but I had a big smile when I was done. I love the elegant engineering.
  5. Complicated fog/aux lighting scenario

    If you want voltage on the fog circuit to control switching of aux lights when the high beams are on, you're going to need a Tazer.
  6. Lift Kit Confusion (Jeep Noob)

    If anything, you next investment should probably be wheels with a smaller negative offset, assuming your 35s will be wider than stock.
  7. Carolina metal masters ball mount knockoff/copy???

    I have their A-pillar mounts on both sides as well as the grab handle mounts, all in 20mm paired with 67 designs arms. Yeah, it was all staggeringly expensive vs. function, but the design and quality of implementation is flawless. Once I saw the parts and how they were made, I understood and...
  8. Fiber Optic Hardtop Panels

    Here are some user stories to consider for your ideation: I want higher-than-stock-powered reverse lights that will give me better visibility in my rear camera. I want lights seamlessly and reversably integrate with my factory bumper, such as a replacement for the reflectors. I want the light...
  9. Any small lifts that will perform better than stock Rubi suspension?

    @csspar you are running a stock Rubicon already, right? When you speak of better performance on and off road, what are you looking for: increased travel, some sort of different ride characteristic, or what? Your desired outcome will affect which options make sense.
  10. Impact wrench / driver recommendation?

    I have years of positive experience with Milwaukee tools, but totally line up with the ecosystem comments. If you've already invested in Dewalt 20V, don't be afraid to stick with it. I have no regrets with my Dewalt gear. On the other hand, I'm not a bran-x-or-nothing kind of guy. For and...
  11. My Air Compressor Kit

    Regarding deflators... I have these, and they are great. Very high quality, and couldn't be easier to use. I likewise got the 6-30 psi model; they were preset to 18 psi as advertised. Since I haven't done any hardcore off-roading, I just left them at the preset so it's been totally painless...
  12. Fiat Chrysler Fired A Warning Shot To Its Workers Over Coronavirus Work Stoppages

    Stopping in solidarity, not from health concerns. That means they were protesting a worker being sent away in order to protect their health. Of course the UAW isn't going to object to discipline. It's funny how some people leap to the big bad company theory. That makes no sense. It's in the best...
  13. Rear armrest mod?

    Sounds food to me.
  14. JCR Roof Rack Initial Bad Impression

    @eder214 I don't think JCR Offroad cares about members of this forum. They only show up to post ads in their sponsor sub-forum. Thanks for sharing your experience. Although my attention was grabbed by them when I first started investigating a JL purchase, I have long since written them off...
  15. Do you wave at Gladiators?

    I don't think the Jeep Wave is a thing in my region. I've only seen a single Jeep Wave from a couple of young ladies in a built TJ. Sure I waved back. And I'm positive they were waving at the Jeep, not the driver. On the other hand, the [name of rural area] Wave is a thing. Most people...
  16. Freedom-Jack Review

    I have the exact same setup, recently acquired. It's a good budget-friendly option. If you look at @Chipe 's second picture, you'll notice a down-facing pivoting "hook." I think it's meant to hold the freedom panels in conjunction with the brackets at the bottom. It might work on a smaller jack...
  17. rock rails vs body bolts

    YMMV--very true. If I recall correctly from when we did my LoD Signatures last year, we had to loosen one side, but not the other. I used a breaker bar until it started moving, then switched to the impact to get it sufficiently loose.
  18. Power Tank feedback

    Very true, there are much lower-cost paths that will fill your tires equally well. The value proposition for Power Tank is the system of components--tanks, brackets, hoses, inflators, bags, etc.--that Power Tank verifies will work together. For me, it was worth the extra money, but the DIY path...
  19. Power Tank feedback

    True. I have been considering this. And no fabrication is required because Power Tank offer a regulator snorkel if you want to lay it flat, and a floor bracket if you want it on an angle. There is some reduction of utility of the back Slipstream lid, however. But I digress. Apologies to the OP...
  20. Power Tank feedback

    Thanks for sharing this. I also have a Slipstream and hadn't considered this. Does the deck section closest to the tailgate hit the Power Tank when you flip it up?