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  1. ROCK HARD 4X4 Front Control arm skids.

    I think the rear skid plates are well designed and 100 ft lbs works perfectly. The front skids need thicker shims to prevent the pinching of the ears on the skid plates when torqued to 190 ft lbs. Metal fortunately has some ability to flex but this puts more stress on the LCA. I will be changing...
  2. ROCK HARD 4X4 Front Control arm skids.

    I recently installed the Lower control arm skids. I was not comfortable torquing the front lower bolt to 100ftlbs when the stock ones are double that. I was concerned about it possibly causing a death wobble issue by not applying enough torque. I went ahead and torqued it to 190ftlbs. It did...
  3. Borla Climber Touring exhaust installed on 2.0L JLUR

    I also have the hard top. I do have a slight increase in the interior noise, but just slightly over stock. I actually enjoy the soft rumble from the exhaust and definitely don't notice it unless I get on the throttle. Are you sure you received the Borla Climber Touring system and not the Borla...
  4. California 2021 OEM LED fog lights

    PayPal if fine. I will need your address for shipping. I will ship them out on Monday via USPS since my local office is closed on Saturdays. Once I ship them I will take a picture of the package and receipt with the tracking number so you can follow it. If you want too leave me your cell number...
  5. California 2021 OEM LED fog lights

    Yeah, I still have them. Let me know how you would like to get them. Are you local or do you need them shipped. Vic.
  6. California 2021 OEM LED fog lights

    I think FCA only makes two styles of fog lights. The ones for the metal bumpers which have 2 mounting points and the one for the plastic bumper which have 4 mounting points. I believe they would fit the plastic sport bumper.
  7. California 2021 OEM LED fog lights

    Hi, I am in the Bay Area. I would be willing to ship if you like. I have sold several items on here and will ship USPS with a picture of the receipt immediately after. I would like to keep the factory harness to incorporate it into my new bumper and lights. Are the factory harnesses different? I...
  8. California 2021 OEM LED fog lights

    Factory JL LED fog lights from 2021 Rubicon with plastic bumper. $100.00 shipping included.
  9. 2.0 L Turbo Engine with 35 Inch Tires

    I have 35” Milestar Patagonias with Rock Monster rims. Wheels are about 110lbs a piece. My 2.0 non-etorque pulls them around no problem with factory 4.10 gears.
  10. More feedback about crawling from 2.0T (Non-eTorque) owners please.

    My previous jeep was a JK Rubicon Unlimited with the 3.6. I liked that engine and never had a reason not to reorder one on my 2021 JL. After reading about the turbo 2.0 I decided to try it out when I ordered my jeep. All I can say is I love the motor. It's fast, torquey, and just plain fun to...
  11. 2021 JLU Oil Pan / Transmission Skid Plate Availability

    What models have the new mounts. I have a 2021 Rubicon unlimited with the 2.0 and so does my friend. they were ordered in late November and I picked it up December 30th. I ordered the Artec Aluminum Fully belly skid plate and it fit perfectly. The engine brackets bolted right up.
  12. Anyone installed Synergy sector brace with the new Steel box?

    I installed it on my 2021 Rubicon. You use the factory bolts that come from the steering box. If you have the new box like I do they will all be the same size. If you have the older aluminum one two will be longer. It will work with either as it's the steering box that determines the bolt length...
  13. Let’s see lifted granite crystal metallics!

    Metalcloak 3.5 with 35" Pat's.
  14. any1 run Hefty Fabworks bumpers?

    I just installed their front bumper with hoop. I have the rear but haven't gotten to it yet. I think the build quality is excellent and they have great customer service. I would buy it again.
  15. California 4 Beadlock Mopar wheels

    4 factory Mopar wheels with rock ring and 4 optional beadlock rings. Rims are are in good condition and clean but do have scratches hidden behind the rings from the tire shop. Local sales only. Bay Area located. $1300.00.
  16. Mopar Beadlock wheels..what tires fit?

    I have 35" Milestar Pat's and was unable to mount them on my Mopar rims with the bead look ring. I used everything I could to secure the tire when trying to get the inner tire lip to sit on the rim but it was too thick and I began destroying the rim. I ended up just mounting them at a shop and...