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  1. New trails added!

    They also removed the one in Clark County, NV.
  2. Best place to hide an Apple AirTag???

    Why not just put it in one of those magnetic hide a key boxes and attach to the underside on the frame rail?
  3. Dog hair removal ideas?

    Maybe Nair will work on getting rid of the dog's hair. If that doesn't then a Gillette fusion 18 blade razor and Barbasol?
  4. Pennsylvania QuadraTop Premium Sailcloth Soft Top Brand New

    Do you have the upper windows for half doors too.
  5. Texas Sport S front bumper

    What part(s) are you wanting? I could look into shipping on your dime.
  6. Texas 2018 JLU Stock Wheels/Tires (5)

    Up to you....I had minister on CL for 3 months and just decided to scrap them to pay a portion of some wheels for my son's TJ. You could try going to some local tire shops if you are wanting to clear space.
  7. Texas 2018 JLU Stock Wheels/Tires (5)

    Good luck with those....I just sent 10 of those wheels to the aluminum recycling yard for scrap. $.66/lb
  8. Oil filter tip broke off

    Looks like it is on the side in the bottom half if the chamber
  9. Texas Sport S front bumper

    Speed bump
  10. Washington Factory LED tail lights_ no blind spot sensors

    Are you asking the same price for these as your daughter's set?
  11. Who actually uses A/C?

    Texas in August. Mic drop.
  12. Is this a Twill Softop?

    I gave 700 for mine here in TX
  13. Walked away from a totaled Rubicon

    I agree...looks like a little trail damage to me.
  14. New Rubicon. Bizarre safety feature.

    This is why snowblower have a warning stating not to use on roof.
  15. Texas OEM LED Turn signals

    If your Jeep is a Sahara or Rubicon these LED front signal do not fit a Sport, Sport S or any variant that uses the Sport front fenders.
  16. Mopar Stubby Bumper

    Also if you are installing a winch the gap filler piece is not used so do not buy that from the dealer.
  17. Mopar Stubby Bumper

    Check this video from Trailrecon. It is what I used to install the steel bumper. Watch "Jeep JL Winch and Bumper Install + Plastic Bumper Removal" on YouTube
  18. Mopar Stubby Bumper

    The filler piece is different between the plastic and steel bumper groups.
  19. Mopar Stubby Bumper

    If you are not going to use the steel skid plate and are just installing the steel bumper you do not need anything else. You will reuse the hardware from your plastic bumper, but the skid plate from the plastic bumper will not work. Also there is a plastic filler piece between the bumper and the...
  20. Texas KC Pro6 (Spot)

    Bump when marked sold?