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  1. 3 Newbs and a Moab Trip

    For your Sport S get the "budget lift" upgrade and swap in Rubi shocks and springs and you'll get a +1-1.5" or so. Make sure at minimum you have tow straps and an air compressor for assisted rescue and sand respectively. A quick deflate valve is nice to air down fast. I carry an extra 2G gas and...
  2. Totaled Mercedes. What’s Next?

    Contrary to popular posting, if you want to put a topper on the speed bug then I suggest buying a Jeep. You're not going to be taking turns going very fast because you will feel the Jeep start to slide and hear those tires screeching and it will force you to be more cautious...especially in the...
  3. 16 Days, 6K Miles, 6 National Parks and More (Pictures from my 2019 trip)

    Anyone planning a trip to Glacier should try going in October when it's off-season. If you can make it before the snow closes the pass you won't have to drive around to get to each end. Otherwise the park itself is open but most shops are closed and there's barely anyone there. You'll have to...
  4. Level 1 noob here - do I lock my doors?

    I have a hard top but I've spoken to a few soft top owners and they basically don't leave anything worth stealing and try to keep things locked up in the center console or glove compartment or not visible especially in areas of questionable feeling or reputation. Some don't lock their doors...
  5. Cold start sputtering

    I haven't had it happen since taking the much longer route to work every day and having taken a few long trips on the weekend. At least for me I think it was caused by frequent short 10-15min trips in the city full of stop and go.

    Search for "Window Tint Photo Compilation Master Thread" for plenty of examples. Front, no tint. Rears are about 20%, maybe a tad darker. I'm pending getting 25% fronts and leaving the rears alone cause I'd like to see at night. Though I have to be more cognizant of how, if any, I actually look...
  7. Has anybody ever regretted buying a Wrangler?

    I love my Jeep. I've lived in my Jeep. I longingly look back at my Jeep after I park and walk away.
  8. Early buyers - Is your JL 3 years old yet?

    Oct/Nov 2018 build, about 54,000mi on mine. Going to do a spark plug change when weather warms a bit more. Nothing major outside radio unit being replaced once. Annoying visor failure I need to apply the perm fix (metal retainer versus stock plastic). Had some weird cold start issues, thought...
  9. So it is Finally Here: Mopar Gorilla Glass Windshield replacement for JL JLU!

    I'm still sitting on my original windshield that had a crack horizontally through the middle. My quotes have ranged from $600-900 to replace. I may wait a bit until the summer to replace it with this gorilla glass, see what prices are like then.
  10. Cold start sputtering

    I noticed taking a long spirited drive has reduced the sputtering. Haven't had it happen since my last post. Did order new spark plugs and when weather clears up I'm going to take a clean the EGR.
  11. JLU 2.0 Turbo Rust Color Antifreeze Coolant

    I've had an analysis done by Blackstone and fuel was a little high in my sample. Change between 7-10k miles. I've also noticed the overflow reservoir in my 2.0 tends to be a little low, never dry. I've had to top it off a couple of times. I found one spot that looked wet under the engine near...
  12. Maryland Looking for JLU Stock Rear Plastic Bumper, DC-MD-NoVA Area

    Sounds good, I'm in no rush so can definitely wait.
  13. Just experienced death wobble on my stock JLU at 15k miles

    I had the same issue when I took my Jeep in for the steering stabilizer recall. The replacement SS was defective, swapped a new one in and all fixed. Could also check if all the bolts are torqued to spec.
  14. Cold start sputtering

    Actually started having this very recently....whenever the engine is dead cold, will last for around 10 seconds or so and smooth out. Acceleration, MPG and driving appears to be fine but definitely am concerned. Roughly 53,000 so I am closing in on needing new plugs. Running Mishimoto CAI and...
  15. How are those 18’s early 19’s holding up?

    Almost at 55,000 on my 2018, will probably pull and check the plugs then. Service interval at 60,000 but want to see how they are holding up.
  16. Maryland Looking for JLU Stock Rear Plastic Bumper, DC-MD-NoVA Area

    Looking for a JLU stock rear plastic bumper for my '18 in good condition. Just need the rear bumper. Willing to pick up around an hour of DC metro area. Willing to take it off your hands or pay a little. A little peeved how soft they are, glanced a fence pole backing up and it crumpled the...
  17. Top 10 things Jeep should have done

    Better constructed, more resilient, sun visors...
  18. Rubicon takeoff suspension install costs on JLUS

    Definitely recommend getting a bunch of friends to help with DIY and bribe them with beer. Took me several hours with a friend since we installed the Mopar lift LCAs which was a PITA to get torqued properly when you can't get the Jeep jacked up high enough. If just the Rubicon lift, 2 hours...
  19. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    lolol Snorkel up
  20. Aftermarket blow off valve?

    If you plan on treading deep water for this to be an actual issue, I'd stay stock or with the DV+ and no blow off to keep things sealed. Otherwise this shouldn't be an actual problem.