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  1. ESS crapped out - is my winch right

    Not how i charge my batteries, i look under the lid of the fuse box and charge both at the distribution panel on fuse box labled N1 to N6 Also firmly seat every fuse and relay. If your finger doesnt hurt you didnt do it right! Once you feel one seat you do all. Even the very large relays. Day...
  2. Flickering PRNDM shifter light

    Any report on the crock on your bcr is binking. In English still blinking?
  3. V41 Recall Installed Upside Down Club

    Yes exactly and bulletin says if it's installed incorrectly and drivin the entire unit must be replaced! Guess it burps and damages it.

    I had a very similar experience, unfortunately I'm a Geocaching person also. Last 3 jl's had all loose fuses and loose distribution lugs! All 3 jl also had low voltage from each battery. I firmly seat every fuse on day one, and verify voltage. Takes 2 days to fully charge on a very small...
  5. Ancient alien Anunnaki handbag comes with new 2021 Jeep Sahara Wow

    Seems the forward looking cam is on and active all the time. Had a fellow slow down hard to make a right turn. I had 5 sec following distance which quickly closed due to them not sure if the wanted to commit to turn. Dash beeped and had a warning, actually braked before i was aware. Still...
  6. JL windshield wiper replacement

    Yes, great! Has tons of views. As my dad often stated everything is easy once someone shows you how!
  7. Brakes locking on New Rubicon

    I got a recall on my 2021 sahara Advanced brake assist recall??? Csn Y09
  8. Pennsylvania WTB Plastic front bumper 2021 sahara high altitude

    Went by jeep dealer today, sport looks different rubi and sahara have a fog light grill assembly that mounts differently. But thank you. Many others are looking for stock bumpers, post it!!! Bet it goes fast
  9. Auto climate control not as effective in the cold

    I had several jl's they all worked flawlessly untill this 2021
  10. Need factory rear tow hook

    You still have that passenger side hook? Now i have a 2021 sahara. Jl missing a hook.
  11. Auto climate control not as effective in the cold

    That it, the vents behind the steering wheel dont do anything. You have your hands on the wheel and outta nowhere you get a gust of warm air after trying to go around 695 Baltimore beltway, after a few mins it fades away. Im told its supposed to do that! This is my 3rd JL I have seen it...
  12. Auto climate control not as effective in the cold

    Hi, i have another appointment on this coming monday. They are not aware of any problems with heat or air. I just read 9 pages of issues. Been patiently waiting for more to complain. Also have a recall on abs brakes Did notice both smaller radiator caps next to the washer fluid filler were...
  13. Flickering PRNDM shifter light

    Taking my 2021 back in for no heat on auto this Monday. Nothing out the top vents at all unless been driving few hours and outside temps go higher. then I feel nice warm air from all vents, like it does on manual and all other jL's I had. will keep you guys posted!
  14. ESS battery, again..

    I had 3 wranglers with ess issues, all batteries had to be charged to full capacity which took few days on a trickle charger. I was getting 11.4 volts on new jeeps. 12.9 to 13.2 after full charge on each battery. This was even after picking up from dealer that said it was fixed! Fuses are...
  15. How to keep the neighborhood stray cats from sleeping in my doorless Jeep?

    On a hunting channel, i heard that moth balls will keep a bear out of a cabin and just heard that white vinegar keeps alot of pests away. Saw tons of no real responses, please forgive if its been mentioned before. Also my neighbors put some kind of urine to keep groundhog and mink and foxes...
  16. Pennsylvania WTB Plastic front bumper 2021 sahara high altitude

    The sport does not have the holes for the fog lights in same spots. Will look into it what year? Quadratic has this pix Thanks
  17. Pennsylvania WTB Plastic front bumper 2021 sahara high altitude

    Looking for stock plastic front bumper. Scuffed mine. Will pick up if local. Have some 9mm 223 556 reloading supplies for possible trade! Also have new storage bags for hard top panels and new all weather mats!
  18. Pennsylvania Philly area: Free stock sport suspension parts.

    Do you have a picture of front bumper Thanks
  19. Tennessee $75 JL Sahara Plastic Bumper

    York,Pennsylvania 17408