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  1. Constantly asked why didn't I get a 4 door!!!! Anyone else?

    I never considered a 4 door Wrangler. To me *The Jeep Silhouette* is the two door proportion. To each his own though. We are blessed to have choices #America
  2. Seemingly Obsessed with Wranglers - But Have Never Owned One... Help!!

    While saving money for my next car, I spent a year obsessing over the Jeep Online Configurator. I spent an equal amount of time and angst on the online configurator for a Chevy Camaro (the other contender in my next car purchase). Needles to say, the Jeep won the day. That said, up until the day...
  3. Which one of these 3 options would you pick?

    Cold weather package is the one option I sometimes regret not having with my Wrangler.
  4. New Jeep Owners: What was your last car, and WHY JEEP?

    Fun thread! Here's my story: I had a '99 Formula WS6. Loved it! Sold it in 2012 with the intention of getting a new fun/project car. My daily driver was (and still is) a 2006 Scion xB. Love my Scion as well. So I started saving back in 2012 .... and then life got in the way. ....Fast forward 7...
  5. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    I brought it home last Saturday. Drove it to work all week except Monday when it rained. Nothing but fun!
  6. New JL owners: How long from date of order to delivery

    5 wks +1 day. Order submitted 7/17, arrived at dealership yesterday (8/22). Picking it up tomorrow! Very excited
  7. Those who have placed a 2020 order

    Ordered July 17th, arrived at dealer today, picking it up Saturday. Yay!
  8. Those who have placed a 2020 order

    Order was submitted July 17th, so it has been 4 wks as of yesterday.
  9. MOJITO! Wrangler JL Club

    Awaiting a Sport S in Mojito with the hood flag (currently in KZ status) :) I've got the Mopar black grill (among other things) already in hand waiting or install as well. Love the look!
  10. Those who have placed a 2020 order

    My order is in KZ status .. hoping to be able to pick it up Labor Day weekend
  11. end of 2019 orders and start of 2020?

    Just got off Mopar chat - my car is in KZ status. Yay!! Rep said that there was no dealer ETA & that it will remain in this status until it is delivered to dealer. I am hoping for a Labor Day weekend arrival
  12. Those who have placed a 2020 order

    Order status is JB as of today. Getting closer!
  13. end of 2019 orders and start of 2020?

    PS - my build status is JB as of today, so hopefully not long before it ships
  14. Rampage Locking Hood Latches 76337 for JL, JLU, JLUR Unboxing, Instructions, Pictures

    Just ordered the Rampage locks. I like the clean look and for the price and (apparent) ease of install, it seems like a good value.
  15. Those who have placed a 2020 order

    I got my VIN assigned! I am in D1 Status with an estimated ship date of August 3rd. Yay!
  16. Those who have placed a 2020 order

    Order placed and VON received from my dealer on the 17th. Nothing yet from FCA. Hoping to get a VIN assigned to my order next week ...
  17. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Already posted a couple times, but since my order was officially submitted today I thought my first "official" post should be here in this thread. Hello from a soon to be first time Jeep Wrangler owner!! Happy to be here.