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  1. Off road plus????

    it is surprisingly awesome on deep sand roads. without it all the other stuff tries to minimize wheels slipping and the throttle is sluggish I think. with this on, the throttle is quick and steady, and much more punchy if you feel the sand start to pull you down. I have a manual, so no impact on...
  2. Jeep fire - Gladiator(?) pulling large trailer

    So this just happened. Can't tell which 4x4 logo on the side. But looks like a Gladiator? UPDATED: word 'round town is that it was a custom rig with a Gladiator body, and not a "jeep" underneath...
  3. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    I think they decided to use the phrase in the manual of "more aggressive" was determined after they test drove the prototype and decided that "WTF" was accurate but not appropriate. It should say that "The BLD will kick into WTF mode - and you'll know what that is when it happens."
  4. Got my Vaccine....And a VERY Cool Experience!

    That has to be written in jest?? PEG(polyethylene glycol) is used in just about everything pharma and food related. And the mRNA definitely does not make it into your nuclei/genes and stick with you forever.
  5. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    The offroad+ does change the traction/stability control, unless the manual is incorrect? Also when pressing the offroad+ button the screen displays a message that ESC is turned off I believe.
  6. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    For some reason I thought that turning off the ESC would turn off all of the mechanisms involved, so didn't expect the BLD to still be working. I have only noticed it in 4Low in deep sand, and haven't heard it kick in in 4High yet either at high or low speeds in sand/mud.
  7. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    Actually just found this in the manual, so apparently it is normal. In 4WD Low even though the ESC is turned off (or in 4WD High and OffRoad+ is on, which also turns off the ESC), the BLD will continue to operate "aggressively" - so the ABS isn't kicking in but instead this BLD system is kicking...
  8. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    So the recommendation of "not to do full turns in 4LO" is normal?? Ok then....
  9. Grinding noise in 4WD on brand new Rubicon

    Did you take it to the Stephen Wade dealership? I might bring mine in as well - have the same issue in 4L driving with wheels turned. was going to make sure it was reproducible before bringing it in, but if the same dealer gets the same issue brought into them, maybe it will help get to a...
  10. Bronco vs. Wrangler - Door and Roof Removal Comparison by Car and Driver

    So true and few people recognize that! Something like $100 billion in tax revenue each year go to support fossil fuel industry not to mention taxes that go to building roads which are made from fossil fuel mining.
  11. JLUR w/ Teraflex ST1 and 35s

    315 KO2s (~64 lbs each) vs stock 285 Falken M/Ts (~62 lbs each), so tires are about 2 lbs each. the new wheels are 29 lbs (compared to 22 lbs for stock, maybe - not definite on that one) but that weight is much closer to the center.
  12. JLUR w/ Teraflex ST1 and 35s

    Depends on which aspects of ride quality? The roughness of the ride is about the same, maybe a little more rough with the E-rated tires. There is a very slight but noticeable higher center of gravity if you have to go through a lot of roundabouts. But otherwise the lift itself doesn't change...
  13. LoD Signature mid-width Front Bumper installation question

    glad you got it installed. I was able to get the lights and winch on after the install, as long as it's not a super large winch. the lights were a little more difficult being partly behind where those winch plate bolts are, but still possible.
  14. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    315s on Quadratec '41 wheels (17x8.5") no lift.
  15. JLUR w/ Teraflex ST1 and 35s

    Just wanted to share the recent install, in case others are considering similar or looking for photos of similar. 2021 JLUR, with @TeraFlex ST1 1.5" spacer kit (2" front, 1.5" back for 4-door, and included progressive bump stops), and 315/70/17 KO2s on the @Quadratec '41 wheels (17x8.5")...
  16. LoD Signature mid-width Front Bumper installation question

    The nut taped to the wrench was also key when I installed mine. One option (for the OP) is to remove one of those inner bolts on either side to give you better access to the outer nuts/bolts in the gap in front of the winch plate. I could not fit my hands in that gap when both inner bolts were...
  17. LoD Signature mid-width Front Bumper installation question

    If you are struggling then you are probably doing it correctly! Those outer four were challenging.... I slid a crescent wrench just between the bumper and front of the winch plate/frame from the center towards the outside, then with some difficulty got the crescent wrench around the nut. on...
  18. Who actually uses A/C?

    doesn't the defroster use the A/C unit to help remove moisture from the hot air, so you don't fog up the window as it tries to defrost it?
  19. Falcon SP2 Shocks

    anyone take these off road yet and report on how they feel? either fast. dirt/gravel forest roads or on more technical trails/larger rocks? thanks!
  20. JLU Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Did you get the C or E rated KO2s? Looks like the venomrex gives it a little wider stance too?